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EHR Software That Connects Physicians with Their Patients

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Our Electronic Health Record software is one of the most trusted, well-designed specialty healthcare products in the market today. Not only is it a secure, full-featured electronic medical records system, but it is also fully integrated with a multitude of useful medical management office modules that improve the workflow of your practice. See how our Electronic Health Record software can help your practice improve care quality for patients, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase revenue.

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Mental Health EHR Software Gets Behavioral Health Groups on Track.

Monday, November 4th, 2013

For behavioral health organizations the advantages of switching to a mental health EHR are many. Yet, few EHR vendors have produced a tried-and-true software solution suitable for behavioral health providers. With 1st Providers Choice, psychiatrists, psychologists, professional counselors and other mental health providers have finally found an end-to-end EHR solution that meets their extensive charting needs.

mental health EMR software

Senior PsychCare (SPC) recently implemented our mental health EHR and billing modules across its various Texas locations and has achieved improved results in billing and patient care. Their more than 60 mental health providers have benefitted from simplified workflows, more efficient documentation, customized reports, and more. Following are some of the features that SPC’s behavioral health specialists have benefitted from:

Specialized content and customization: EHR systems designed with mental health providers in mind include features that are most relevant to behavioral health specialists. The systems also allow for a high level of customization in order to meet the specific needs of providers practicing within the mental health field. For SPC, this has included specialty-specific diagnoses and treatment plans, preventative care resources and psychiatric management tools, among others.

Real-time data: With mental health-specific EHR software, providers can create reports to conduct analyses of patient progress. All it takes is a few quick mouse clicks to export the data from the EHR.

Alerts and reminders: EHR software for mental health facilities allows providers to set up daily, weekly or monthly alerts. This can be useful for following up with suicidal patients or with those taking antipsychotics with potentially harmful side effects. This has been beneficial, in SPC’s case, for treating patients at Long Term Care facilities, as they need continuous monitoring and follow-up care.

Continuity of care: SPC maintains active contact with other physicians regarding changes in their patients’ mental status, diagnostic services, psychological treatments, and medications – and EHR software allows for thorough documentation of these changes. With mental health EHR software, behavioral health specialists at SPC are also able to share visit notes with other providers responsible for their patients’ care.

Learn more about our mental health-specific EHR features. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert EHR consultants or to schedule a free demo.

About Senior PsychCare: Senior PsychCare was founded by physician and specialized psychiatrist Dr. Leo Borrell, a leader in innovative care for stress and age-related problems. SPC is affiliated with Medipsych and Senior Psychological Care of Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, and employs more than 60 mental health providers in facilities throughout these major Texas cities. SPC provides independent evaluations, psychiatric management and mental health services. They also work in collaboration with mental health programs and medical providers who lack the resources of a comprehensive team of medical health specialists.

EHR Vendors Exhibit Software at Physical Therapy Conference in Las Vegas

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

EHR Vendors Exhibit SoftwareThe annual PPS/APTA Conference & Exhibition is kicking off today at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Physical therapists in attendance will be able to interact with other physicians in their specialty, peruse the booths of exhibitors such as physical therapy EHR vendors, and even earn continuing education credits. Organized by the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association, the event ends Saturday, October 27.

Physical therapists, their assistants, and even practice administrators who arrived in Vegas early were able to benefit from two pre-conference workshops. Held on Wednesday, the workshops focused on accountable care organizations and shared savings environments, as well as the claims process, which includes coding, appeals, and audits.

Over the next three days, there will be lectures, discussions and seminars for physical therapists to attend and participate in. Aside from covering medical topics of interest to practicing physicians, there will also be a great focus on health IT-related topics. A few sessions to note include:

  • Health Information Exchange and Its Impact to the PTPP
  • Green Means Go:  Using Dashboards to Improve Financial Performance
  • Moving Your Practice into the “Cloud” (for physicians considering a cloud-based EHR)

After attending the cloud-themed session, physical therapists who want to learn more about electronic health record technology can stop by Booth 517 to view a live demonstration of 1st Providers Choice’s physical therapy EHR and practice management software. Physical therapists will find that cloud-based EHRs are efficient, cost effective solutions for electronic charting.

Data Conversions Enable Allscripts MyWay Users to Switch to a Certified EHR

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Many Allscripts users were shocked earlier this month when the company made public that it would no longer be selling the MyWay product and that further development on the software would be coming to a stop. The fact that the MyWay system will not meet requirements for meaningful use stage 2 (nor will it be able to process ICD-10 codes) has led many users to consider other electronic charting alternatives. One of these options is 1st Providers Choice – a fully certified EMR system with custom solutions for more than 30 medical specialties.

While Allscripts has offered to upgrade MyWay users to their Professional Suite system at no cost, Professional Suite isn’t likely to meet the needs of all physicians – specifically those in smaller practices. Another important thing to note is that, because MyWay and Professional Suite are starkly different system, making the transition from one product to the other will require a data conversion, implementation and training. Knowing this, physicians may choose to take on a new EMR implementation with a software system that best meets their needs – and that might not necessarily be Allscripts Professional Suite. Plus, amid rumors of an Allscripts buyout, healthcare professionals may feel more at ease with a stable, more customer-oriented vendor.

With countless Allscripts data conversions completed, 1st Providers Choice remains committed to providing a quality EMR solution for healthcare professionals across a wide range of medical fields. Our EMR software is both meaningful use and ICD-10 compliant and physicians find that learning to use our EMR has never been easier.

Are you dissatisfied with Allscripts MyWay or Allscripts Enterprise? Thinking about transitioning to a new, fully certified EMR? Contact us today at 480-782-1116 for more information about converting your Allscripts data to 1st Providers Choice.

Pain Management EMR Vendor Exhibits Software at Annual Conference

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Pain management EMR on tabletThe American Academy of Pain Management (the Academy) is holding its 23rd Annual Clinical Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona from September 20 to 23. This will be the fourth year that the conference is held in partnership with the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, which is part of the University of Arizona network.

More than 1,500 medical professionals are expected to attend the conference, including physicians, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists, and nurse anesthetists, among others. During the meeting, physicians will participate in lectures and discussions about pain management care. Exhibitors will also showcase some of the services, trends and products new to the pain management field – including pain management EMR software.

1st Providers Choice will be exhibiting their pain management EMR, giving physicians a chance to learn about the exciting features that are making charting more efficient for pain management caregivers. Our software was designed with pain management specialists in mind. By using it physicians are able to provide better patient care, improve workflows and increase revenue.

To learn more about IMS’ fully certified pain management EMR software and to view a free demo showcasing the EMR’s pain management-specific features, visit Booth 301 at the meeting.

The American Academy of Pain Management is a nonprofit organization that represents physicians who treat patients suffering from pain. The Academy offers opportunities for continuing education, credentialing for pain management caregivers, pain management publications, and advocacy for people with pain. It is the largest pain management organization in the United States.

Orthopedic Sports Medicine EHR Software Makes Charting a Breeze

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

orthopedic EHR x-ray imageHaving an EHR system that fits the needs of your medical practice is important if you want to improve productivity and provide the best care possible for your patients.

Sports medicine doctors and orthopedic specialists, who are finally looking to make the switch to electronic health records, should consider the benefits of using an orthopedic sports medicine EHR. Not only are these specialty-specific systems designed to meet your unique needs, but they adapt to your workflows and make documenting patient encounters a breeze.

Unlike generic EHRs, sports medicine-specific software doesn’t require extensive customization. Why? Because EHR systems designed with orthopedic doctors in mind already feature the things that specialists need in order to practice medicine. This means you won’t have to spend hours of valuable training time setting the system up the way you need it.

Since you are already familiar with the specialty-specific forms, templates and terminology contained in the EHR, all you have to worry about is learning how to find your way around the different screens. Plus, if you want to add an extra diagram or template, doing so is simple with or without the help of your EHR trainer.

Orthopedic specialists need to be able to access their patient records from different locations. Whether you are performing an operation at a hospital or surgery center or visiting a rehab facility to treat a sports medicine patient, having access to your patients’ medical history is key. By using a web-based orthopedic EHR, you can log in and manage patients’ charts from any computer, tablet or device with Internet access. This allows you to provide patients with the best care possible.

Learn more about how EHR software for orthopedic sports medicine doctors can benefit your practice. Contact us to view a free demo.

Is a Specialty-Specific EMR Right for You?

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Though physicians in various medical fields may have starkly different workflows, charting methods and EMR necessities, providers practicing in the same field have many things in common and can benefit from customizable, specialty-specific EMR software. Specialists contemplating making the change from paper charts to EMR (or from a general EMR system to one geared toward specialists) should consider the following benefits of a specialty-specific software solution.

EMRs designed for specialists require less training time.

General EMRs might be capable of meeting specialists’ requirements, but customizing the software takes time – something most doctors don’t have. Rather than embarking on a time-consuming set up process followed by lengthy training sessions, consider settling on a specialty-specific EMR. That way, you can put less effort into the initial set up and spend more time getting comfortable with a system that is ready to use out of the box.

Chart and work the way you know best.

With specialty-specific EMR software, which includes the forms and templates you use most, as well as decision support capabilities to help you make quicker, more accurate diagnoses, charting has never been easier. Global templates, for example, automatically bring in different variables once a diagnosis is selected, so that you don’t have to select each variable manually. Plus, using a system that knows your workflows and charting needs allows you to document your patient encounter in real time, while the patient is in the exam room – meaning you will have less chart notes to finish at the end of the day when all your patients are gone.

Take advantage of opportunities for continuing education.

Many specialty EMR vendors offer opportunities for additional training and continuing EMR education. These vendors also take part in conferences and events hosted by organizations in your specialty. This is because they understand the importance of keeping open lines of communication with specialty-specific medical associations that can help them improve their EMR software.

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