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Orthopedic Sports Medicine EHR Software Makes Charting a Breeze

orthopedic EHR x-ray imageHaving an EHR system that fits the needs of your medical practice is important if you want to improve productivity and provide the best care possible for your patients.

Sports medicine doctors and orthopedic specialists, who are finally looking to make the switch to electronic health records, should consider the benefits of using an orthopedic sports medicine EHR. Not only are these specialty-specific systems designed to meet your unique needs, but they adapt to your workflows and make documenting patient encounters a breeze.

Unlike generic EHRs, sports medicine-specific software doesn’t require extensive customization. Why? Because EHR systems designed with orthopedic doctors in mind already feature the things that specialists need in order to practice medicine. This means you won’t have to spend hours of valuable training time setting the system up the way you need it.

Since you are already familiar with the specialty-specific forms, templates and terminology contained in the EHR, all you have to worry about is learning how to find your way around the different screens. Plus, if you want to add an extra diagram or template, doing so is simple with or without the help of your EHR trainer.

Orthopedic specialists need to be able to access their patient records from different locations. Whether you are performing an operation at a hospital or surgery center or visiting a rehab facility to treat a sports medicine patient, having access to your patients’ medical history is key. By using a web-based orthopedic EHR, you can log in and manage patients’ charts from any computer, tablet or device with Internet access. This allows you to provide patients with the best care possible.

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