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Podiatry Institute Hosts Seminar in San Diego with Focus on EHR

Podiatry Institute logoPodiatry EHR software will be a popular topic this week at the Podiatry Institute’s “Update 2012 Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot Ankle” seminar. The event, which is being co-sponsored by the San Diego Podiatric Society, kicks off on Thursday, September 27 in San Diego, California and will come to a close on Sunday, September 30.

Podiatrists (and other physicians in attendance), will take part in workshops, lectures and group discussions covering a wide range of topics relevant to the podiatry specialty. Some of the topics that will be discussed are: the widespread challenges that many podiatrists face; new technologies and techniques used in treating foot and ankle afflictions; and how to avoid common complications.

There will also be exhibitors at the event showcasing the latest podiatry technologies, such as electronic medical records software – one of the things that is sure to be a topic of conversation amongst podiatrists at the San Diego conference. 1st Providers Choice will be exhibiting their IMS Podiatry EMR and will be providing live demos for interested physicians.

There are two lectures on the agenda that specifically target EHR use. The first, “Designing Your Practice’s Workflow to Optimize Your EHR Implementation,” will be held on the first day of the conference. While there is no information yet as to what speakers will talk about specifically, physicians can most likely look forward to suggestions about implementing EHR software for podiatrists. The second event, which will take place on Saturday, is called “Optimizing EHR to Improve Patient Care and Mitigate Risk.” The lecture will focus on improving patient care through proper use of an EHR, and presenters will talk about documentation risks, suggested charting techniques, and patient privacy.

To learn more about the three remaining seminars on the Podiatry Institute’s 2012 agenda, click here.

The Podiatry Institute is a world renowned nonprofit educational foundation whose members are committed to advancing podiatric medicine and surgery. The Institute hosts seminars, conferences, and workshops throughout the year in an effort to promote and advance podiatric medicine. All proceeds from these meetings are used to develop educational materials for podiatrists and other foot and ankle surgery physicians.

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