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Putting Your Best Foot Forward with a Fully Certified Podiatry EMR

Podiatry EMR software has made it possible for physicians to effortlessly transition from paper charts to electronic medical records and to attest to Meaningful Use. In fact, among the providers eligible for incentive payments through the EHR Incentive Program, podiatry is one the specialties that has seen the most EMR converts. In May 2011 when the first Meaningful Use checks were sent out, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid reported that podiatrists accounted for 12 percent of incentive payment recipients. The fact is, podiatrists seem to be satisfied with their fully certified EMRs, and here are a few reasons why.

Custom forms and templates make charting more efficient. Podiatrists using generic EMRs often find that the software requires extensive customization in order to fully meet the needs of their specialty. With podiatry-specific EMR software, however, the system’s screens, terminology and documentation are already suited to the needs of podiatry specialists. This means that the EMR software is ready to use out of the box and requires little modification.

Some of the documents available to podiatrists include patient instructions and educational resources, as well as exam templates for issues such as ankle fracture, routine foot exam, ingrown toenail, diabetic foot ulcer and more. The software also comes equipped with graphics and diagrams of the foot, ankle and lower extremities, on which physicians can draw or write notes on.

The podiatry-specific medical billing manager makes billing more accurate. For example, the EMR automatically suggests certain billing codes based on the procedures and diagnoses that the physician selected during the visit. Features such as this help ensure that podiatrists get paid for all of the work that they do and that certain codes are not forgotten or accidentally left out.

Built-in reporting modules make it easier for podiatrists to attest to Meaningful Use and qualify for incentive payments.  By using the Meaningful Use dashboard and module features, physicians can see the percentage of progress they have made in attesting to Meaningful Use, as well as what progress is still left to be made.

Are you a podiatrist interested in transitioning to a podiatry-specific EMR for the first time? Or are you looking to convert your data to IMS from a different EMR? Learn how our fully certified podiatry EMR and practice management software solutions can benefit your practice.

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