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Neurosurgery EMR Software: The Smart Choice for Neuro Practices

Neurosurgery is a highly specialized field with unique requirements when it comes to electronic health records and practice management software. Not just any software will do. Generic EMRs, for example, fail to take neurosurgery workflow into account and require extensive customization to prepare the software to be used in a neurosurgery setting.

Neurosurgery EMR software

In order to avoid setbacks and prevent the need for additional work, practices should implement Neurosurgery EMR software. Here are a few reasons why neurosurgery-specific software is the best choice:

The software is comprehensive for your specialty.

Choosing an EMR that was designed with direct physician input is always a right choice for neurosurgeons. After all, who better to know the needs of your practice than other providers with experience in the same medical specialty. Our Neurosurgery EMR software was 100 percent developed for your specialty, designed to match neurosurgery workflow and to provide a seamless experience for providers and staff.

The platform’s neurosurgery-specific features include:

  • Visit note templates for conditions such as seizure, headache and tumor.
  • Templates for common procedures.
  • Pre-op and post-op checklists.
  • Built-in documents for commonly used surgery orders, consult letters and more.

It is fully integrated to meet clinical and operational needs.

Neurosurgeons need more than just stand-alone EMR software in order to truly enhance clinical and operational efficiencies. Instead, what neurosurgery practices need is a fully integrated system that includes billing and scheduling capabilities, a patient portal, and more. Our Neurosurgery EMR software is a best-in-class solution capable of handling all types of clinical and administrative needs.

Some of the software’s features include:

To learn more about our ICD-10 ready and Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified EMR software for Neurosurgery, contact us online or call 480-782-1116.

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