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Why Choose Fully Certified, Web-Based EMR Software?

Doctor typing on keyboard using web-based EMRThough healthcare providers might have had their doubts once about web-based software solutions, cloud computing is gaining traction and more and more caregivers are taking advantage of web-based services. If you are medical professional debating the benefits of a certified, web-based EMR versus a client/server model, here are a few reasons why you should consider web-based software:

Lower Initial Investment: EMRs that run solely on client/server systems can be quite expensive. Healthcare professional not only have to worry about costly licensing fees, but about purchasing a server that meets the software’s specifications, as well as computers with adequate hardware specifications in order to achieve optimal performance. Web-based EMR systems, on the other hand, require lower, monthly payments, making them a perfect solution for providers with tighter budgets.

Leave Maintenance to IT Experts: The fees for web-based EMR software typically include hosting and maintenance, as databases are stored remotely on servers owned by the EMR vendor. Experienced IT technicians working for the vendor will generally handle updates and upgrades, as well as network and database security. With IT specialists taking care of the technical side, all you have to worry about is practicing medicine.

Increased Security: Providers are right to worry about the security of their patient’s protected health information, and web-based EMR systems offer the best security against potential breaches. In fact, EMR vendors offering web-based services are HIPAA compliant. You won’t even have to worry about running backups or losing patient data were something to happen to your database server.

Convenient Access to Patient Records: Have you ever needed to work on or access a patient’s record while outside your practice? With fully certified web-based EMR software, you can view and edit your patient database from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. This is great news for providers who see patients at different facilities, or for those who simply like to get work done at home.

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