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Why ER Physicians Should Use Pain Management EHR Software to Treat Children

Pain management EHR software is used by anesthesiologists, physiotherapists, and other physicians to provide comprehensive treatment plans and improve the quality of life of patients experiencing chronic pain. However, the software can also be used by emergency room doctors – specifically to manage pain in young patients. Here are a few of the ways that pain management EHR systems are making that possible:

Tools for pediatric pain assessments

According to a report released this week by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), providing pain relief to child patients in the ER requires taking a systematic approach to medicine. This includes establishing pain management protocols and educating staff about the best ways to provide comfort to children. One way to provide more effective pain management care to children is by using tools included in the pain management EHR, such as the Faces Pain Scale and the Neonatal Infant Pain Scale. These evaluation tools are necessary considering that not all children can tolerate pain the same way or accurately describe it.

Guidelines for safe sedation

While it is common for an ER physician to sedate a patient before a procedure, according to the AAP’s report, in order to provide safe sedation for children physicians should abide by certain guidelines, such as performing a structured risk stratification, which includes examining the patient’s airway. The information should all be documented in the patient’s electronic health record. Additionally, a personal My Tasks list can help doctors make sure that all areas of concern are monitored both pre- and post-sedation.

Rules for medication administration

Keeping in line with the systematic approach to pediatric pain management recommended by the AAP, it is important for hospitals to have policies in place for how medications should be administered to children, as well as what steps hospitals caregivers can take to ensure that procedures are performed with minimal discomfort to the patient. One of the things the AAP suggests, for example, is applying topical anesthetics before placing sutures or an IV. By creating custom templates and checklists in the EHR, providers can ensure that the proper steps are taken when treating young patients whose pain thresholds differ greatly from adults.

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