Acute Care EMR Software IMS for Acute Care Center Professionals

Our acute care EMR center improves efficiency & helps provide better patient care

Acute Care EMR Software

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Acute care specialists provide short-term but comprehensive care to patients who have suffered an injury or illness or who are recovering from surgery. Our Acute Care EMR software is designed to make care delivery as seamless as possible, allowing providers to provide accurate and efficient care while reducing expenses.

Acute Care clinics who use our EMR software benefit from built-in templates, billing codes, letters and forms, and more. The software can be customized to meet any organization's unique requirements and needs - no matter how big or how small.

Acute Care Electronic Health Records

Our Acute Care EHR software features built-in billing and scheduling modules, including many powerful features that can be used to turn your entire practice into a truly paperless office. We are fully committed to interoperability, so we also make it easy to integrate the software with labs, third-party billing systems, medical devices and more.

Designed using the latest technologies and built to industry standards, our Acute Care software is HIPAA compliant, ICD-10 ready and can be used to achieve Meaningful Use.

Practice Management Software for Acute Care

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With powerful billing and scheduling modules that work seamlessly with the EMR system, our Acute Care EMR software makes practice management a breeze.

Acute Care Medical Billing

Dramatically improve your organization's billing and collections with our Acute Care EMR software. Benefit from features such as:

  • Automated data entry from EMR-generated superbills
  • Pre-claim analyses to reduce claim rejections
  • Strong validations to prevent missing
  • authorizations and coding errors
  • Referral and authorization tracking
  • Batch status summaries
  • E&M coding assistance & more

Acute Care Scheduling Software

Our Acute Care scheduling software makes it easy for providers and staff to keep track of patients after they have been discharged - whether the patient is sent home or to another facility. We even make it easy to manage schedules for multiple providers and facilities.

  • Track lab orders
  • Electronically send and receive lab orders
  • Conduct pre-import checks
  • View comparative and graphical representation of lab data

Acute Care EMR Benefits

  • Use appointment reminder technology to reduce no-shows
  • Export schedules to tablets and mobile devices
  • View schedules from internet-enabled handheld devices
  • Use drag-and-drop feature for faster scheduling
  • Color-code schedules based on appointment type, procedure, etc.

Acute Care Healthcare Portal

Increase patient satisfaction and improve staff productivity by using our Acute Care EMR integrated Patient Portal. The online portal allows patients to update their demographic and insurance information, view and edit their health records, request prescription refills, pay their medical bills, send secure messages to their physician, and more. By allowing many of these tasks to be completed online, the portal reduces the amount of time that staff members might otherwise spend on the phone with patients.

In addition to providing a leading Acute Care EMR solution, we also offer high-quality customer support, implementation services, training, technical support and more. Call 480-782-1116 to learn more.

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