EMR Automated Patient Check-In

Our integrated IMS improves communication between doctors and staff and results in better patient satisfaction.
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Automated Check In

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IMS is built with a simply check-in module that is designed to improve communications between practice doctors and staff. Authorized users can view the real-time status of a patient's appointment and receive specific instructions from doctors before a patient leaves the office.

Your healthcare practice can save significant time and and money with the check-in module through reduced paperwork and by decreasing the amount of time it takes to process patients. The software reduces liability by using secure electronic signatures and by checking to make sure appropriate signatures have been received before a patient sees the doctor.

A built-in insurance card auto-scan feature is fully integrated with patient electronic medical records so that insurance and personal information is recorded without errors. Practices are effortlessly able to stay up-to-date with frequently changing patient insurance information, increasing the accuracy and timeliness of collections.

Benefits of Automated Patient Check-In

  • Helps increase revenue by collecting co-pays
  • Obtains digital pictures improving patient safety and preventing fraud
  • Links to the billing module to make sure encounters are not overlooked
  • Allows doctors to communicate important tasks that should take place before a patient leaves
  • Intermittent updates of the patient's appointment status relay waiting time and patient location in the office
  • Patient tracking from check-in to check-out provides assurance that all required procedural documents, insurances, billing, payments, visit notes, prescriptions, letters, and follow-up appointment scheduling are complete

Patient Check-In Kiosk

Our Patient Check-In Kiosk has become a popular item. It allows patients to check themselves in with an ID Card using an iPad, tablet or other touch screen monitor. The Patient Check-In Kiosk is completely secure and HIPAA Compliant. It allows patients to input their own information just like with the Patient Portal - and it even lets them sign forms digitally.

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