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Our vascular surgery center EMR improves efficiency & helps provide better patient care

Vascular Surgery EMR Software

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For surgeons, accuracy and efficiency are of the utmost important, as is delivering high quality patient care. Having an electronic health record system that can match your speed and workflow is extremely essential. Our Vascular Surgery EMR software delivers the tools and functionalities that modern surgeons need in order to deliver better patient care, increase productivity, improve patient satisfaction and run a more profitable practice overall.

Vascular Surgery Electronic Health Records

Designed to meet the needs of vascular surgery facilities of all sizes, our EMR software is a proven solution, trusted by physicians nationwide. Certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1 & 2 and ICD-10 ready, our software is ahead of the curve. Providers and staff will love the features and functionalities that make our Vascular Surgery EMR software easy to use with minimal training, including:

  • Pre-populated templates and forms for vascular surgery
  • Document and image management
  • Voice recognition software for quick and accurate dictation
  • Integration with labs, medical devices and more
  • Electronic prescribing & much more

Vascular Surgery Practice Management Software

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Our Vascular Surgery Practice Management software features advanced modules for scheduling and billing. Integration with the EMR results in improved charge capture, fewer claim denials and seamless scheduling.

Vascular Surgery Billing Features

File cleaner claims and improve reimbursements by taking advantage of the following Vascular Surgery EMR billing features:

  • Post charges for all electronic superbills with a single click
  • Conduct pre-claim analysis to reduce claim rejections
  • Use customized CMS-1500 templates based on insurance guidelines
  • Print statements and easily export them to other billing systems
  • Display batch status summaries and interactive aging reports
  • Track unpaid claims and easily re-bill

Vascular Surgery Scheduling Software

Our appointment scheduling software is fully integrated with the EMR and allows staff to easily manage multiple schedules. Using the scheduler, you will be able to alert staff when authorizations or referrals are missing, preventing un-billable visits before they happen; send appointment reminders to patients (by phone, email or text message) to reduce no-shows; and much more.

Healthcare Portal for Vascular Surgery

With our EMR-integrated Vascular Surgery Patient Portal, you will be able to easily meet Meaningful Use requirements, such as providing patients with timely access to their clinical summaries and offering a secure way for patients to send secure messages to their providers.

In addition to improving patient communication and satisfaction, the portal will allow your practice to save time by moving time-consuming administrative tasks online. For example, instead of spending time on the phone with prescription refill requests, scheduling appointments and processing payments, patients will be able to take care of these tasks online themselves in the portal.

Learn more about our Vascular Surgery EMR/PM software and Patient Portal. Call 480-782-1116 today for a free demo.

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