Internal Medicine EMR
IMS for Internal Medicine

Our robust electronic medical record software helps you manage your Internal Medicine practice and adds efficiency to your workflow.

Internal Medicine EMR Software

emr softwareFull-featured EHR software is essential to running an efficient internal medicine practice. Our electronic medical record (EMR) software makes advanced record-keeping simple. By automating your patient electronic medical records, your practice will see better documentation of patient encounters, add security to all of your important files, and greatly speed up the process of sending and retrieving files.

Our system includes easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces for patient scheduling, medical billing, letter writing and so much more. While all of our modules are designed to be simple to use, they are also highly flexible and customizable, allowing the software to work around your existing office office procedures.

Secure Internal Medicine EMR Software

It is crucial to your practice to make sure that your patient data doesn't get into the wrong hands or get irreplaceably damaged and lost. Our electronic health record software offers advanced security features to make sure your important patient data is secure from malicious intent, misplacement and physical damage.

Our software includes:

  • Advanced encryption methods
  • File activity logs that collect detailed information on file activity
  • Password-protection
  • Automatic system log-out after periods of inactivity
  • Full HIPPAA-compliancy

Internal Medicine EMR Features

EMR IMS Prescription Manager

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Internal medicine doctors handle all sorts of ailments requiring a wide variety of prescriptions. To help improve prescription management and patient safety, our software provides information on drug interactions and dosing, as well as allergy and diagnosis conflict checks. It makes it easy to quickly view a patient's medication history and to send prescriptions either electronically or by fax to a patient's preferred pharmacy.

Internal Medicine Lab Tracking

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This module helps you track the various lab orders that occur during a patients' visit.

  • Supports HL7 interface for transferring orders
  • Customized templates and pre-printed order forms
  • Easily print or fax orders
  • View comparative and graphical representations of lab data

IM Authorizations and Referrals

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Reduce claim rejections and wasted time with integrated authorization and referral features. Our software helps you prevent unbillable encounters by checking for authorizations before the appointement. Authorizations are verified at check-in and before posting charges. Costly data entry errors are also reduced thanks to insurance-approved authorization forms that come with the software.

Reports For Internal Medicine Doctors

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Every internal medicine doctor deserves a thorough report manager. Detailed reports can provide valuable insights into the operations of a practice and can help make crucial management decisions. Our EMR software includes over 400 built-in reports in a variety of formats. You can also create your own custom reports.

Internal Medicine Practice Management Software for Physicians

Our electronic health record software leads the industry for internal medicine doctors. Physicians who have used our software prefer it over other EHRs because of its full-featured office management modules. Our software makes office and documanagement easier, faster and more accurate. In one piece of software, you get integrating billing, scheduling, electronic health records and other essential practice management features.

Scheduling Software for Internal Medicine

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The schedules of internal medicine doctors are constantly shifting. Our scheduling software adds simplicity and ease to the complex task of schedule management. Poorly designed scheduling software wastes staff time by requiring them to switch between multiple screens to view different schedules and patient information. We've designed our software to eliminate all of that extra work.

Our internal medicine scheduler streamlines and simplifies the appointment scheduling process.

  • Patient information can be easily entered from pre-existing patient records.
  • Staff can view multiple doctors schedules on the same screen, making it easy to find openings in doctor schedules.
  • Appointment information can be copied and pasted to a new time slot for quicker rescheduling.

Give Patients Online Access

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Patient satisfaction is greatly improved with our online based Healthcare Portal that allows patients to access, view, and update some of their own information. It also gives patients an easy way to perform common tasks from any device with Internet access.

  • Request and view upcoming appointments
  • Complete registration forms
  • Receive lab results
  • Pay medical bills
  • Manage referrals
  • Update demographics and insurance information
  • Receive communications from their doctor
  • And more!

Testimonials emr software

"I am a solo internist practicing in Maryland and my office started using IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) in November, 2007. After initial investment of time and energy, my office has started to enjoy the fruits of our work. IMS has provided the structure and organization needed for efficient practice of internal medicine. It has streamlined my office operation from reception, to visit notes, to billing and collection. The charts are better organized and access to test reports is immediate. It has clearly reduced the labor needed for filing (the equivalent of a part-time position in my office). It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have completed most of my tasks at the end of each day. My patients seem more satisfied with the timely communication of test results and prompt refilling of their medications using the system. In addition we are provided with wonderful technical support for the installation and maintenance of the system in my office.IMS has enabled me to improve the delivery of care and to run my office better."

Dr. Harry Li,
Internal Medicine, Columbia, MD
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