IMS Workstations

IMS comes with a full array of excellent support services and hardware to provide total solutions.
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IMS EMR Workstations

IMS practice management software is built to provide full operational solutions for your busy healthcare practice. IMS' excellent support services are available to help with the installation, transition and maintenance of your EMR and practice management software and hardware.

Your IMS EMR software comes delivered to you in a ready-to-use state with a lot of flexibility to customize it to meet the ongoing unique needs of your practice.

Support To Configure Your Workstations

An installation team will work closely with your workplace to configure and load the hardware to meet the needs of your clinic. Our tech experts can also train members of your staff to administer workstation configurations in case you require changes/maintenance in the future. Our technical experts can make insightful recommendations on how to best configure your software to optimize workflow and coordinate office resources better.

Knowledgeable Technical Specialists

  • User Interface Design
  • Project Management
  • Familiarity With Our Products
  • Able to Integrate Your Software With Third Party Products

Our software and support services are developed to solve problems, add efficiency, and anticipate future needs. Our tech support services can empower your staff to effectively tailor our applications as future needs require.

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