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IMS EMR Document Management

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Healthcare practices must keep track of a lot of documents. Our IMS EMR practice management software includes a powerful document manager that makes file and image management much more streamlined.

All of your documents and images can be easily scanned, condensed and organized into a user-friendly, easily-accessible digital document filing cabinet. It can handle any kind of document from any area of the practice management software, including letters, visit notes, faxes, lab results, prescriptions, and more.

Our document manager will saves your practice time filing and retrieving documents and improve organization. A single click can take users to one screen where users can view and retrieve all patient-related information.

Easily condense and organize paper flow into a user-friendly digital document filing cabinet that’s both easy to access and secure.

Benefits of IMS EMR Document Manager

  • Customizable file folders allow you to organize your files however you prefer
  • Batch-scan documents
  • Automatically save and file sent and incoming faxes
  • Speed up office tasks with rapid, easy access to patient-related information
  • Save space and printing costs by switching to a paperless file manager
  • Increase security with validations, security checks and file-handling logging

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