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Our leading electronic medical record software designed for chiropractors increases productivity.
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Chiropractic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software

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IMS EMR significantly reduces the probability of error by allowing lab and test results to be entered and updated quickly and easily, while helping to prevent common issues with illegible and unreadable text. Our EMR also helps chiropractors get reimbursed for the work they do by properly evaluating and managing documentation of services.

EHR Software for Chiropractors

IMS EMR comes fully configured to adapt to your practice's individual needs. It is delivered in a ready-to-go format, but is also highly customizable. To make things easier for providers, our EHR software has hundreds of chiropractic-specific forms, letters and templates.

Chiropractic EHR Templates

  • Injury History Templates
    • Auto Accident Questionnaire
    • Work Compensation
    • Treatment Plan & Schedule
    • Work Restriction Templates
    • Work Status Templates
  • Examination Templates
    • Inspection
    • Active & Passive Range Of Motion
    • Muscle, orthopedic and neurovascular exams
    • Palpation
  • Treatment Templates
  • Letters & Forms
  • And more!

Our paperless electronic medical record system provides chiropractors with a more accurate, more efficient, more cost effective business solution that dramatically improves workflow and patient satisfaction. We also offer training, installation, and technical support services.

Chiropractic EHR Features

Chiropractic Auto Check-In

IMS provides an auto check-in kiosk that allows patients to check themselves in. The secure and private computer interface allows patients to add their own demographic information and write up a description of their problem/complaint for a chiropractor to look at before seeing them.

Tasks & Reminders

Improve the functioning of your chiropractic office by utilizing the task and reminder features. It is fully integrated with out modules, so you may use it to send you reminders to give a patient a call or send out appointment letters.

Pre-Validation and Referral Tracking

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The authorization and referral tracking module reminds you and your staff to verify authorizations before the appointment occurs. It fully integrates with the Healthcare Portal, prompting patients to obtain all necessary authorization or referral information before coming in for their appointment. It also works with the letter writing module so that standard faxes can automatically be sent to insurance companies for authorizations. You can use insurance-approved pre-printed authorization forms as well, reducing claim rejections due to missing authorizations.

Document Management

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Reduce the amount of paper taking up space in your office. Our Document Manager organizes your documents into a condensed, organized and easily accessible digital file cabinet that can include: letters, visit notes, faxes, labs, graphs, and that cases are easily filed into patient charts.

The Document Manager can be connected the Multi-Scan, Letter Writer, Fax, Reminders and Notes modules to make filing easy, quick and thorough. Users can view and retrieve all documents related to a patient in a one spot repository.

  • Batch-scan documents to save time
  • Easy integration with other document-based modules
  • Improves organization, makes the work flow smoother and faster

Interactive Voice Reminders(IVR)

An interactive voice reminder system can dramatically reduce no-show appointments and save a lot of employee time. Save costs and improve efficiency by using the IVR system to remind patients about their upcoming or missed appointments. Learn more.

Chiropractic Reports

For a chiropractor, a critical business function is the ability to generate useful reports to be able to keep track of business operations. Stay on track on how your practice is doing with our reports preparation and management module. We provide over 100 report options.

  • Report and template customization
  • Extensive filtering capabilities
  • Generate graphic representations of reports
  • Create reports for revenue, scheduler, check-in/check-out, billing, insurance, cases, claims, visit notes and outstanding statements
  • Export your reports to various Windows programs or as HTML

Scan Your Paper Documents Into Digital Format

The transition from a paper to a paperless office is made easy with our scan module. The scanning module provides you with the tools you'll need to manage paper volumes, imaging backlogs, one-off projects and on-going scanning needs. The document scanning solution frees your valuable information trapped on your printed page and transforms it into usable content.

Chiropractic Practice Management Software

There's no substitute for an integrated electronic medical record system. Our EMR software is much more than an electronic filing manager, it's an entire electronic practice management software specifically designed for chiropractors. With billing and scheduling modules included, our software provides total office solutions that greatly improve organization, efficiency and security.

Chiropractic Scheduling Software

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IMS EMR is highly customizable and one of the most full-featured chiropractic appointment schedulers available. The scheduling module integrates with the full array of IMS modules so that all users have easy access to account balances, co-payments, patient demographics, visit notations, prescription information, alerts, reminders and more.

Patient Healthcare Portal for Chiropractic

Give your patients the ability to access and update their health information. Our patient portal allows your patients to complete tasks on their own, freeing up your employees to do other important tasks. Using our healthcare portal, patients can:

  • Request and view appointments
  • Complete practice registration
  • Complete custom health forms
  • Receive lab result(s) interpretation
  • Pay bill online
  • Manage referrals
  • ...and more!

Testimonials emr software

"I just wanted to say that I love IMS!!! We've had other programs in the past but IMS is super!!! I can bill out charges, enter patient demographics, print patient statements and read the patient ledger much easier. My favorite part of IMS is the billing part. It is so easy to read!!! Makes my job easier!!! Thank You!!!"

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