Generation of Patient ID Cards

IMS helps reduce the time it takes to process patients. Save time and increase patient satisfaction.
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Generation of Patient ID Cards

IMS ID Card Integration

ID ScannerRegister patients with accuracy and speed using fully automated bar coded ID cards. Bar-coded IDs are easy to make and quick for staff to print. Plus, they dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to process patients.

To create the cards, patient information is pulled directly from the patient's electronic health record. Once patients have their own cards, you will be able to increase clinic security by verifying that a patient is who they say there are.

id-barcodeBar-coded IDs can be used to check patients in and out, schedule appointments, and generate relevant reports. They can lead to an increase in office productivity and better patient satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Bar-Coded Patient ID Cards

  • Reduce data entry errors and improve readability
  • Better manage busy healthcare practices by making the check-in process faster
  • Free up staff to complete more important tasks

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