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Integrated Letter Writing

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IMS' integrated Letter Writer makes the process of creating and sending letters much easier and faster.

IMS is a market leader because of its ability to integrate with an entire practice management system. Full integration allows the Letter Writer to automate the process of queuing multiple letters with user-created letter templates and pre-populating patient specific information such as demographics, insurance information, claim information and medical information.

Our Letters Writing module allows many time-consuming letter-related tasks to be automated. For example, letters can be quickly entered into a patient's electronic health record, automatically faxed to a patient's preferred pharmacy, printed, or emailed to third parties.

The Letter Writer is customizable, allowing providers to create templates that conform to the unique requirements of their practice. Information from a patient's record can easily be added to letters as needed.

Letter Writer Benefits

  • Quickly create letters using letter templates
  • Extensive mail-merge capabilities
  • Comes delivered with pre-defined letter templates
  • Allows physicians to create their own custom templates
  • Procedure and insurance-specific, image-based forms
  • Easy-to-use form filling tools
  • Mapping of data fields within letters and forms
  • Password-protected signature security

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