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Our IMS EMR software is built to help improve patient satisfaction with time-saving features.
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Online Patient Portal Software

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Our online Healthcare Patient Portal, designed with direct input from doctors and pharmacists, improves patient satisfaction and decreases unnecessary workload on staff. It gives patients access to a personal healthcare homepage where they can view and update much of their own personal information and even schedule doctor appointments. All transactions carried out via the online patient healthcare portal are processed through a secure interface with advanced encryption.

Patient Portal Features

  • Secure, password-protected access
  • Online patient registration
  • Appointment history and requests
  • Prescription refill requests
  • Visit summaries
  • Chief complaint input screen
  • Past medical history/family history input screen
  • Immunizations & medication histories
  • Lab and test results
  • Patient care plans and handouts
  • Secure messaging
  • Insurance authorization screen
  • Online bill pay & more!

Why Give Patients Online Access to Their Health Records?

Personalized Care No Matter Where Your Patients Are

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Empower your patients by giving them access to view their lab results and current health records. You can also allow them to view or request appointments, request prescription refills, pay bills and receive and respond to notes from their doctors.

Your patients will appreciate the added service that helps them manage their own healthcare on their schedule.

Patients Can Receive Immediate Assistance

Patients can complete online questionnaires about their current medical complaints and receive suggestions of possible diagnoses that lead patients to links for case-specific self-education. The information is presented to give patients useful information about what they may be experiencing.

Provides Easy Way For Doctor's To Communication With Patients

Doctor's can communicate directly with their patients through the online note system. Patients may also respond to doctor's notes, providing easy communication without having to go through a telephone operator.

Allows Staff To Focus On Important Tasks

A lot of staff time is dedicated to performing simple but time-consuming tasks such as updating patient-provided data and answering common questions over the phone. By giving patients access to update and view their health records, appointments and other information, your staff with be able to focus on more important tasks without interruptions.

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