Pediatric Electronic Medical Record Software IMS for Pediatricians

Pediatricians' choice for EMR software with fully-integrated office management features
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Pediatric EMR Software

Pediatric EMR SchedulerA pediatric office can be a very busy place, so it's important to have an intelligent management system (IMS) that can streamline office procedures. Our IMS improves workflow by making it easier to carry out almost every office task. The pediatric software was built with pediatrician input and includes features like ready-to-go templates, pediatric-specific billing codes, pediatric-related letters and much more.

The transition to a paperless office is made easier through integrated scheduling modules, electronic medical record (EMR) management, medical billing, document management, letter management, and many other features that are proven to make your practice run smoother.

  • Delivered ready-to-use
  • Intuitive and highly customizable
  • Training services available
  • Ongoing technical support frome expert technicians

Pediatric electronic medical records IMS will make all of your data storage, filing, and management requirements much more organized and secure. Our goal is to make sure you are spending less time on office tasks and more time helping your patients.

Secure Pediatric EHR Software

The IMS medical records module is fully integrated with scheduling, billing, eligibility tracking, document management, letter-writing and more, dramatically improving your pediatric office workflow.

Our pediatric electronic health record software adds additional security to your patient records and makes file management easier, faster and more accurate.

  • Additional security with validation methods
  • Prevents unauthorized users from accessing files
  • Keeps a log of which users accessed a file, when it was accessed, and what changed were made to it
  • Automatically logs users out of the system after a specified period of inactivity

Easily Generate and Manage Pediatric Letters

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One of the most time-consuming functions of a pediatric office is the generation of professional letters. Our EHR IMS software comes delivered with pre-printed forms and letters, and it also provides the ability to create your own. The letter writing module is integrated with other modules that can be used to pull data from pre-existing files, saving time and reducing errors on redundant data entry.

  • Extensive mail-merge capabilities
  • Pre-defined letter templates
  • Procedure and insurance specific, image-based forms
  • Easy to use form filling tools
  • Mapping of data fields within letters and forms
  • Password protected signature security

Pediatric Practice Management Software

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Our pediatric practice management software is the industry leader for pediatricians and staff because of its thoughtful integration with essential office management modules. No other software is specifically designed for pediatric needs with pre-populated templates, forms and other commonly used office documents. Integrating billing, scheduling, electronic medical records and other practice management features into one system greatly improves efficiency and accuracy.

Pediatric Medical Billing

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Pediatric medical billing couldn't be easier. We've created pediatric-specific billing codes that are pre-populated into the software. The IMS includes both customizable and ready-to-go templates for easy billing that conforms to your existing billing processes.

  • Conduct pre-claim analyses
  • View batch status summaries
  • Perform multiple billing functions from the same screen

Pediatric Scheduling Manager

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The pediatric scheduling software is one of the most customizable, easy-to-use and full-featured appointment schedulers on the market. Your pediatric staff can orchestrate the resources of one or multiple offices within an intuitive interface that integrates well with other office management modules. All authorized users can gain quick access to account balances, co-payments, patient demographics, face sheets, visit notes, prescriptions, alerts, reminders, notes and more. Time and energy spent on file retrieval is greatly reduced.

  • Decrease no-shows with automated patient reminder phone calls
  • Export schedules to Windows-CE-based handhelds
  • Easy drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Multi-office schedules in a single-view
  • Built-in automated patient appointment reminders (Interactive Voice Response)


"We've been using IMS for Pediatric for about six months and have gone from paper to paperless. Our efficiency has gone up 110%, our wait times for patients are cut in half and we're able to see more patients with the same amount of staff increasing our bottom line."

Dr. Stephanie Walton
Walton Pediatrics