Orthopedic Surgery EMR Software IMS for Orthopedic Surgery EMR Center Professionals

Our orthopedic surgery center EMR improves efficiency & helps provide better patient care

Orthopedic Surgery EMR Software

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We know what it takes for orthopedic surgeons to succeed in the digital age, and we have developed Orthopedic Surgery EMR software designed specifically to meet your surgery facility's needs. Our EMR comes with pre-populated templates, forms, billing codes and more - all designed to make it possible for you to use the software with minimal customizations.

Our expert technicians will install the software, configure it to meet your exact specifications and provide additional assistance if necessary. You will get comprehensive training from our experienced trainers and access to world-class customer support.

Orthopedic Surgery EHR Software

Use our Orthopedic Surgery EMR software and benefit from the following features:

Orthopedic Surgery Practice Management Software

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Our Orthopedic Surgery EMR software is known for its powerful features, intuitive interface and seamless integration with essential practice management modules. Learn more about what our billing and scheduling modules have to offer:

Orthopedic Surgery Medical Billing

Dramatically improve the efficiency of your billing operations by using our EMR-integrated, ICD-10 ready medical billing software. You will benefit from a wide range of features, including:

  • Electronic claims processing
  • Built-in CPT coding advisor
  • Pre-claims checks and edits
  • CMS 1500, UB04s and Workers Comp forms
  • Electronic verification of insurance benefits
  • Authorization and referral tracking

Orthopedic Surgery Appointment Scheduling

With our Orthopedic Surgery Appointment Scheduling software, managing schedules for multiple providers has never been easier. Some of our existing clients' favorite features include:

  • Copy/paste or drag-and-drop to easily reschedule appointments
  • Reserve time slots for specific procedures
  • Color code procedures to make it easier to view in the schedule
  • Create custom data entry prompts
  • Notes field for adding patient-specific information
  • Configure alerts when important data is missing (e.g. referral)
  • View schedules on iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices