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Electronic Medical Record Software Designed for Podiatrists to provide total document solutions
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Podiatry Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software

podiatry ehrIn order to best operate their practice and provide excellent patient care, podiatrists need secure, easy-to-use electronic health record software that works with other office management software.

Our EMR software is part of a fully-integrated intelligent management system (IMS) that makes every aspect of running your practice easier and more efficient. The software comes delivered to your clinic with built-in templates, pre-printed letters and forms, and other features that cater to the unique needs of a podiatry office.

  • Pre-populated with content common to most podiatry offices
  • Customization options are available in every module
  • We offer installation assistance, training, and excellent technical support services

Our team has provided the podiatry community with computerized software solutions since 1983. Our intelligent management software (IMS) comes in an easy and intuitive format - and this has been the trademark of our products for 30 years. We have the knowledge and experience to bring podiatry practices into the efficient and profitable future of the paperless podiatry office. Call 480-782-1116 today to update your practice.

Podiatry EHR Software Features

We are committed to providing total solutions to meet the growing needs of the podiatry industry. Our podiatry EHR software can:

  • Speed up document management, filing, and data entry procedures
  • Increase accuracy through built-in validations
  • Improve inter-office communication and by making information more easily available
  • Increase cashflow by improving patient care, reducing claim rejections, decreasing patient no-shows, and more

Authorizations and Referrals

A common problem for podiatrists is claim rejection and unbillable patient encounters. Our software helps solve that problem by setting authorization requirements by procedure and insurance. Authorizations are verified at check-in and before posting charges. The software also comes with pre-printed authorization forms that help reduce data entry errors. The billing modules check authorization forms for missing information.

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podiatry softwarepodiatry ehrclick to enlarge podiatry software

Easy Document & Image Management

Using our electronic health record software, you can take full advantage of the robust document management features. You can now keep even more documents without taking up any physical space in your clinic. Keep copies of letters, visitation notes, incoming faxes, lab results, prescription information, and much more.

Tasks & Reminders

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Stay on task with automated tasks and reminders. You can receive reminders to check lab results, authorize patient refill requests and more. It is a useful tool to help you to manage important follow-up work that needs to be completed for your patients.

Fax and EMR Integration

Integrating faxes automatically into your electronic health record system makes fax management much easier. Your faxes can be entered directly into health records with no extra work for your staff. You can also incorporate stamps and signatures so that you can send prescriptions, lab orders, and other documents automatically from the IMS.

Podiatry Prescriptions

The E-prescribe module is a powerful feature that will increase the speed and accuracy of prescription management.

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  • Fax prescriptions automatically using the fax module
  • Create frequently-used individual or group medication templates
  • Maintain and easily view patients medication histories
  • Get dosing, allergy, drug interaction, and contra-indication checks
  • Provide patients with drug education information

Podiatry Reports

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Create better, more useful reports to help you view and understand the resources of your podiatry clinic. The built-in report tools give indispensable snapshots of your office operations, providing podiatrists and administrators with the information required to make informed decisions. The report software contains over 100 options that report general summaries and detailed overviews of your entire practice.

Podiatry-Specific Letters

Letter writing is an important element of most podiatry clinics. Our software makes producing letters much simpler, reducing the time required to produce, send and manage letters. Our letter writing module is integrated with patient health records and other office and document management modules so that it is easy to pre-populate patient specific information.

  • Save letters into a patient health record
  • Easily fax print or email a letter to third parties
  • Includes pre-defined letter templates
  • Create your own customized templates
  • Add security to letters with password protected security feature

Podiatry EMR

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Switching to an electronic medical record system offers several opportunities to improve the efficiency and security of your record management. Podiatry medical records are easy to access for authorized users, but we've included several security features to our EMR software that will provide file security that is not available to paper records. The podiatry EMR system is also fully integrated with other office modules to allow authorized users quick access to stored information, dramatically improving office efficiency.

  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing files by requiring password authentication
  • Log users out of the system after a specified period of inactivity
  • Keep automatic detailed logs of access files including who accessed them, when they were accessed, and what was changed.
  • Create backups quickly and easily
  • Allow your patient health records to be quickly accessed via other integrated office modules, reducing staff time retrieving and filing documents and reducing redundant data entry

Podiatry Practice Management Software

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Our podiatry practice management software is the industry leader for podiatrists because of its thoughtful integration with essential office management modules. No other podiatry software is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of podiatry with pre-populated templates, forms and other commonly used office documents. Integrating billing, scheduling, electronic medical records and other practice management features into one system greatly improves efficiency and accuracy.

Podiatry Medical Billing

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A proper medical billing manager is important to the overall success of your clinic. Our podiatry medical billing manager not only organizes billing documents, but makes the entire billing process easier. The software comes delivered with built-in billing codes, many that are specific to podiatry needs. It is designed to prevent sending out bills with incorrect or missing authorization information and helps you analyze your finances.

  • Display Batch Status Summaries
  • Track and easily re-bill unpaid claims
  • Reports are provided, along with options to create your own customizable billing reports

Podiatry Appointment Scheduling Software

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Podiatrists have hectic schedules with patients often rescheduling, canceling and making appointments. We've designed our software to be user-friendly so that staff does not need to take a lot of time to learn how to use it. It helps prevent scheduling conflicts and reduces unbillable visits by making it quick and easy to view authorization and referral status at any point in time and verify important appointment information. Staff may reschedule a patient appointment by simply copying and pasting the appointment.

  • Easily create data entry prompts
  • Create alerts and patient-specific information that will reduce errors and make data entry much faster
  • Export schedules to hand-held devices
  • ...and much more.

Testimonials emr software

"Hello my name is Sarah and I wanted to take a minute and tell you about my experience implementing a Podiatry EMR program. We researched for about 18 months and in doing so looked at over 20 different EMR programs. We recently went live with IMS through 1st Providers Choice and were completely thrilled that during the first two months of the transition of going paperless, we showed an increase in productivity even during training and the implementation process. The more we are in the software, the more we find that it has so many capabilities to be efficient for my doctors, my billing coordinator, and the front desk. Support has been good, there were a few occasions where we needed things off business hours, and even then 1st Providers Choice was there for us. We were glad we took our time and looked at several programs before making a decision."

Sarah Reichstein,
Business Manager
Grand Island Foot Clinic

"We began implementing IMS in our office in April of 2011. This transition was made exceptionally easy with the help of 1st Providers Choice support staff. 1st Providers Choice support staff was quick to respond to all of our support needs during implementation and with any of our current support needs. We were uncertain and a little skeptical about bringing the billing in house because I had never done billing before. Our office was able to billing in house during this time of implementing IMS and our revenue is up and our turn around time is quicker than ever before. We are happy that we decided to go with 1st Providers Choice and made the transition to utilizing IMS for Podiatry."

Christine Woodson
Office Manager
Sedona Foot & Ankle Specialists
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