General Surgery Electronic Health Records IMS for Surgeons

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General Surgery Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software

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A general surgeon's office is a busy place where serious work happens. The workflow needs to be as seamless and efficient as possible so that surgeons, assistants and other general surgery team members can concentrate on delivering excellent patient care.

With assistance from general surgeons and general surgery employees, we have designed an intelligent management system (IMS) for electronic health records (EHR) that will help improve the speed, accuracy and quality of your document management. The paperless system is highly customizable and is designed to provide dramatic improvements to the workflow of a general surgery office.

Our general surgery EMR management system will help you keep your expenses under control, streamline your business, and allow you to better manage and organize your patient records.

General Surgery Electronic Health Records (EHR)

IMS EHR comes fully configured and is also capable of being customized to meet your general surgery practice's unique needs. Our IMS will work around you so that you have full control of your office procedures and workflow.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Customizable
  • Installation services
  • Available software training
  • Technical support services
  • Various methods of document creation
    • Templates
    • Dictation
    • Transcription
    • Handwriting

General Surgery EHR Lab Tracking

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When logged in to our EHR system, authorized users may select a lab test and request that it be printed out for the patient, faxed to the lab, or sent electronically via an HL7 interface to the lab's system. The requested lab orders can then be tracked and viewed by authorized viewers to see what specific tests were ordered and when.

  • Track lab orders
  • Electronically send and receive lab orders
  • Conduct pre-import checks
  • View comparative and graphical representation of lab data

General Surgery EMR Benefits

  • Increase efficiency
  • Provide better care to your patients
  • Improve document security
  • Receive better reimbursements
  • Organize and manage patient medical records
  • Keep track of finances
  • Use general surgery letter templates or customize your own

General Surgery Appointment Scheduling Software

General Surgery SchedulingIntelligent management software (IMS) EMR is a robust, full-featured patient appointment scheduler for general surgeons. It is delivered ready to use, but with the flexibility to highly customize it to meet your office needs. The scheduling module is fully integrated to work with the other IMS modules, giving authorized users access to patient billing information, account balances, co-payments, visitation notes, reminders and more.

Practice Management EMR for General Surgeons

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General surgeons consistently choose our EMR software over others because of its seamless integration with office management systems. There is no better software that is designed with direct input from working general surgeons and staff. The software works with billing, scheduling, electronic health records and other common practice management systems. Our customers find that office productivity is significantly improved through easier, faster, and more accurate record management.

General Surgery Medical Billing Software

Improve the workflow and efficiency of your office with our integrated billing module. Designed with physician input, it has everything you need including automated data entry from EMR-generated superbills, pre-checking of EMC, CMS-1500 or UB04 claims and automatic reconciliation (ERA). The billing software offers enhanced collections and detailed reports that will assist in keeping your finances and office budget on track.

  • Extensive fee schedule
  • Post charges for all of electronic superbills with a single click from the Quick Bill screen
  • Pre-claim analysis checks for valid input to reduce claim rejections
  • View Batch Status summaries
  • Track unpaid claims using Rejection Analysis
  • Easily re-bill denied claims
  • Customize reports as needed according to your practice's requirements

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