Dermatology Electronic Health Records IMS for Dermatologists

The #1 EMR software for dermatologists. Our office management solutions increase efficiency.
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Dermatology Electronic Health Records Software (EHR)

A dermatology office is a complex business to run and manage. Our paperless intelligent medical software (IMS) is designed to provide dramatic workflow improvements by allowing for significant customization and flexibility to meet the unique needs of any dermatology practice.

Designed with dermatologist input, our EHR software will help you reduce expenses, streamline your business, better manage your patient and business records, and allow you to make more efficient use of your time and resources.

Why Choose Our Dermatology EHR Software?

IMS EHR comes fully configured, yet ready to easily adapt to your dermatology practice's specific requirements. IMS will work around your needs, not the other way around.

Become more efficient.

Our software is designed to recognize errors and alert the user. Validating data input drastically reduces to probability of incorrect or missing information in a patient's file and is more likely to increase your income by reducing the number of rejected claims due to missing authorizations.

Improve service to your patients.

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Electronic medical records are integrated with various modules that allow dermatologists to stay well-informed of a patient's needs. Use an auto-reminder feature to be informed of pending preventive care for patients. Easily review a patient´s previous visits with the comparison feature. The dermatologist IMS EMR can be used to track follow-up activity, patient progress and more.

Increase document security.

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The IMS EMR software is designed to provide security at multiple levels. Electronic Health Records may only be accessed by authorized users and will track which users access specific files and how that file is used. A user is automatically logged out after a specified period of inactivity to prevent unauthorized access to files.

Increase dermatology reimbursements.

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IMS EMR can help dermatologists get improved reimbursements for their provided services. The IMS helps dermatologists properly evaluate and manage documentation of services and offers pre-populated global templates and pre-populated normal values to produce the code of the highest charge. This ensures that you are not losing money through inadequate coding methods.

Make better use of your office space.

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Remove bulky file cabinets and free up desk space dedicated to processing paperwork. Our IMS makes it easy to scan your documents and switch to a paperless office, allowing your employees to spend their time assisting patients instead of pulling charts.

Dermatology EMR Features

Interactive Voice Reminder Services (IVR)

Use automated voice messages to call your patients to remind them of their scheduled dermatology appointments. Our IVR system helps you provide better patient care, saves employee time for more important tasks, and reduces no-show appointments, saving time and money. Learn more.

Dermatology Pre-Authorization and Referral Tracking

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IMS reminds employees to verify authorizations before a dermatology appointment and prompts patients, through the Healthcare Portal, to gather all necessary authorization and referral documentation before they arrive for their appointment.

  • Faxes can automatically be sent to insurance companies for authorizations
  • Insurance-approved pre-printed authorization forms, reducing claim rejections due to missing authorizations

Dermatology Prescriptions

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Countless prescription mistakes have resulted in wasted money, wasted productivity, and serious consequences on a patient's health. The easy, simple process of writing electronic prescriptions can prevent errors due to prescription illegibility. IMS's E-Prescribe module provides:

  • Allergy checking
  • Electronic prescription
  • Ability to send electronic health record directly to a patient's preferred pharmacy
  • Track medication and refill histories

Dermatology Letters

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The IMS letter writer module makes the generation and management of dermatology letters much easier and faster. Set up automatic queuing of multiple letters, create custom letter templates and easily pre-populate patient information like a patient's demographics, insurance details, and more.

The letter writer provides better letter management by allowing each letter to be saved in a patient's chart, faxed, printed and e-mailed to third parties directly through the IMS.

Dermatology Task Manager and Reminders

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Make sure you don't leave critical follow-up work unfinished.

Use the My Task module to presents uncompleted tasks, like patient refill request authorizations or unsigned Visit Notes.

Dermatology Scheduling Software

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IMS EMR is one of the most full-featured dermatology patient appointment schedulers on the market. It is designed to be delivered ready to use, but with high customization options that are easy to use. The scheduling module is fully integrated to work with the other IMS modules, giving authorized users easy access to account balances, co-payments, patient information, visitation notes, reminders and more.

Practice Management for Dermatology

Our EMR software is the industry leader for dermatologists because of its thoughtful integration with essential office management modules. No other software is specifically designed for dermatologists with pre-populated templates, forms and other commonly used office documents. Integrating billing, scheduling, electronic medical records and other practice management features into one system greatly improves efficiency and accuracy.

Dermatology Billing & Collections

IMS’s integrated billing focuses in improving workflow. Some of the billing features of the dermatology IMS includes:

  • automated data entry from EMR-generated Super Bills
  • strong validations
  • pre-checking of EMC, CMS-1500 or UB04 claims
  • automatic reconciliation (ERA)
  • ...and more.

Give Patients Online Access With The IMS Health Care Portal

The IMS Health Care Portal allows patients to access and update much of their information from anywhere they can gain internet access. This feature not only provides better patient service, but allows patients to easily perform tasks that would otherwise take up employee time. Patients may also be able to stay better informed on their own health. By accessing the Health Care Portal, patients may:

  • Request appointments
  • Check when their current appointments are scheduled
  • Fill out customized health forms
  • View lab result interpretations
  • Pay their dermatology bills online
  • View and manage their dermatology referrals