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Urology Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR)

We know that you are busy and don't have a lot of time to spare to become acquainted with a new software system. Our software is delivered to you ready-to-go with built-in billing codes, letters and templates specific to urologists. It is designed with an intuitive interface so that it is easy to understand and not difficult to find what you need. We also offer excellent support services including training, installation and technical support.

Our urology software provides total document and office solutions. Our EMR software will help improve the overall functioning of your practice by keeping information organized and safe and making it easy to exchange it with other providers.

Secure Urology Electronic Health Records (EHR)

emr softwareThe benefits of switching to a paperless electronic health record system are numerous. Our EMR software makes the entire transition a breeze and creates solutions for all areas of your urology practice. It's not just an EHR - it's an entire electronic office that will improve the flow of information, reduce data errors, increase efficiency, and so much more. Through better file management, you and your staff will be able to focus more on patient care.

  • Create backups easily of all of your crucial files
  • Password-protection allows only authorized users to access patient information
  • Electronic health records are fully integrated with office modules, eliminating redundant data entry

Urology Templates

Our EMR software has made it easy to document patient conditions and symptoms through preloaded urology-specific templates that are delivered ready-to-use are also customizable. We have included a wide assortment of useful templates including:

  • Urinary Frequency
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Anuria Follow-up
  • LUTS Follow-up
  • STD Concern
  • Decreased Libido
  • Prostrate Cancer
  • Vulvar Lesions
  • And many more!

Urology Document Management

We know that you need to access a lot of information in a timely manner. Switching to a paperless electronic medical record system condenses and organizes your important documents and patient information into one digital document filing cabinet. The document manager is fully integrated with every module so that authorized users can file and retrieve data with the click of a button.

We also know that you have a lot of important paper files full of information that can not be lost. Our software includes a scanning module that allows you to scan batch files quickly, making the transition from paper to paperless fast and simple. You can organize your file folders in any way you like so that you can keep your electronic folders identical to your current system.

Urology Practice Management Software

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Our urology practice management software is the industry leader among urologists because of its thoughtful integration with essential office management modules. No other software is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the urology industry with pre-populated templates, forms, and other commonly used office documents.

Urology Billing Software

Our integrated billing software comes pre-loaded with urology billing codes that make entering billing information a breeze. Using our software, you will be able to receive reimbursements as scheduled, thanks to improved billing processes. The urologist billing module can scan billing codes to present the highest billable charges for performed services. A few additional billing features:

  • Automatically scans for missing authorization information before posting
  • Easily retrieves data from superbill to charge posting
  • Supports EMC, HCFA, and UB92 claims
  • Runs comprehensive reports
  • Allows you to identify and easily re-bill unpaid claims

Appointment Scheduling Software for Urologists

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The urology scheduling module allows you and your staff to easily access information such as patient account balances, co-payments, patient demographics, visit notes, prescriptions, alerts, reminders, notes, and more.

  • View Authorization and Referral Status at any time
  • View Authorization & Referral status for all scheduled patients with a single mouse click
  • Easily develop procedure-specific data entry prompts, alerts and patient-specific instructions
  • Re-schedule patient appointments by drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste

Testimonials emr software

"Reduce the High Costs of Delivering Quality Care" - "Our monthly IT expenses were reduced over 87% after implementing IMS - a huge savings for our company."

Rashmi Chauhan,
IT Director
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