Hematology and Oncology EHR IMS for Hematologists & Oncologists

EMR software and All-in-One office manager that makes electronic health record management more efficient.
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Hematology and Oncology EMR Software

The work that hematologists and oncologists perform is crucial to the well-being of patients, often for life-threatening conditions. That's why it is important that hematology and oncology offices run smoothly and efficiently. To design a system suitable for the needs of specialists in these fields, we worked closely with hematologists and oncologists to learn all about their unique preferences and needs.

We built our software to come delivered in an easy to use format using templates and other commonly use defaults. We offer complete customization, resulting in a robust, full-featured solution suited for oncology and hematology practices of all shapes and sizes. We also provide installation, setup, training and technical support services by certified trained experts.

Hematology and oncology electronic health records will improve your practice's office efficiency, data accuracy and free up your time and resources so that you can focus on delivering the best medical care possible to your patients.

Hematology & Oncology EMR

Electronic Medical Records

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The hematology and oncology IMS includes scheduling modules, electronic medical record (EMR) management, medical billing, document management, letter management, and more. Hematologists and oncologists may choose any method they like the create records including templates, citation, transcription, handwriting, and more.

Our IMS is a proven electronic medical records manager that meets the latest industry standards.

Hematology & Oncology Document Management

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Manage your documents and images. Our document and image manager can be used to condense and organize all of your documents. Your files will be easier to access for authorized users and can contain any type of paper document in electronic format: letters, visit notes, faxes, labs, graphs, patient charts, etc.

The Document Manager can be connected via the Multi-Scan, Letter Writer, Fax, Reminders and Notes modules to make filing easy, quick and thorough. Users can view and retrieve all documents related to a patient in a one spot repository.

Hematology & Oncology Reports

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Our EHR software includes over 400 reports. You can generate all sorts of reports that will help you understand and manage your practice's data. You can create summaries, graphical representations and detailed, analytical, or comparative reports.

  • Revenue reports showing aging and outstanding balances
  • Create customized reports to meet the unique needs of your office
  • Add frequently used reports to a "My Favorites" button for easy access

Hematology and Oncology Practice Management Software

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Our practice management software is the industry leader for hematologists and oncologists because of its thoughtful integration with essential office management modules. No other software is specifically designed for hematology and oncology with pre-populated templates, forms and other commonly used office documents. Integrating billing, scheduling, electronic medical records and other practice management features into one system greatly improves efficiency and accuracy.

Hematology and Oncology Medical Billing Software

The IMS billing module will greatly improve the billing process of your practice. It offers automated data entry from EMR-generated superbills and uses strong validations to prevent missing authorizations and coding errors.

  • Track follow-up notes
  • Create custom reports
  • Display batch status summaries
  • Track rejected claims and easily re-bill claims
  • Extensive built-in fee schedule
  • And more!

Hematology & Oncology Schedule Management

The scheduling module will help you prevent scheduling conflicts and reduce unbillable visits. By making it quick and easy to view authorization and referral status at any point in time, hematologists and oncologists can verify important appointment information.

  • Easily create data entry prompts
  • Create alerts for specific patients and appointment types
  • Add patient-specific information and notes
  • Export schedules to hand-held devices

Testimonials emr software

"Reduce the High Costs of Delivering Quality Care" - "Our monthly IT expenses were reduced over 87% after implementing IMS - a huge savings for our company"

Rashmi Chauhan,
IT Director
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