EMR Electronic Medical Records

IMS EMR has powerful integrated practice management features that streamline office tasks and improve productivity.
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EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

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IMS is fully integrated practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) software. It is among the leading EMR software solutions in the nation, known for its powerful feature set and its intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Our goal is to provide total office solutions through electronic health record software. Our customizable IMS comes delivered to your practice fully configured and designed to meet your practice's unique requirements.

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IMS EMR is designed to provide solutions for your practice that ensure that the latest industry standards and certifications are met. Our electronic health record EMR software is built with direct input from practicing providers who have come to trust IMS EMR as their most reliable software solution because of its amazing feature set and fantastic support services

We also offer installation and implementation assistance, training and technical support services by certified technicians.

Fully Integrated Electronic Medical Record Software

IMS EMR is fully integrated with an array of practice management modules that dramatically improve practice productivity and increase efficiency.

  • Doctors can choose from four different record creation methods: templates, dictation, transcription or handwriting.
  • Integration with patient appointment scheduler make scheduling easy and accurate.
  • The electronic medical record software allows for an electronic check-in/check-out capability that improves communication between doctors and front-desk staff.
  • Patient medical record details can be inserted in billing modules, reducing redundant data entry and saving time.
  • EMR medical records software is linked to a reminder system that helps doctors and staff follow-up on important patient care.
  • And many more important features and benefits!

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