IMS EMR E-Prescribe Software

Practice management software that saves time and improves accuracy with an easy-to-use e-prescribing (eRx) interface.
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E-Prescription Software

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IMS practice management software adds accuracy and efficiency to patient prescriptions through the E-prescribe feature. E-prescribe allows a doctor or specialist to easily & accurately create a patient prescription. It can then be sent to a patient's preferred pharmacy electronically. Much of the required data is already stored in a patient's health record, so the process saves a lot of time compared to prescriptions that are written out manually. Patients also appreciate that their prescriptions can be ready for pick-up sooner.


  • Transmit prescriptions by print, fax or electronically
  • Electronically prescribe controlled substances
  • Increase safety with dosing, allergy and drug interaction checks & notifications
  • Electronic prior authorizations
  • Track medication and refill histories
  • Use built-in drug education tools and resources
  • Send e-prescriptions from iPhone or Android devices
  • Certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1 & 2

Why Use E-prescribe Software?

IMS' fully integrated e-prescribe software makes it faster and easier for physicians to create and send prescriptions. It adds accuracy to prescriptions by using data that is already stored in a patient's health record - and it also helps increase medication compliance. When prescriptions are sent directly to a pharmacy, patients are more likely to pick up the filled prescription than if they had to take the prescription to the pharmacy themselves.