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"Hello my name is Sarah and I wanted to take a minute and tell you about my experience implementing a Podiatry EMR program. We researched for about 18 months and in doing so looked at over 20 different EMR programs. We recently went live with IMS through 1st Providers Choice and were completely thrilled that during the first two months of the transition of going paperless, we showed an increase in productivity even during training and the implementation process. The more we are in the software, the more we find that it has so many capabilities to be efficient for my doctors, my billing coordinator, and the front desk. Support has been good, there were a few occasions where we needed things off business hours, and even then 1st Providers Choice was there for us. We were glad we took our time and looked at several programs before making a decision."

Sarah Reichstein
Business Manager
Grand Island Foot Clinic

"We began implementing IMS in our office in April of 2011. This transition was made exceptionally easy with the help of 1st Providers Choice support staff. 1st Providers Choice support staff was quick to respond to all of our support needs during implementation and with any of our current support needs. We were uncertain and a little skeptical about bringing the billing in house because I had never done billing before. Our office was able to billing in house during this time of implementing IMS and our revenue is up and our turnaround time is quicker than ever before. We are happy that we decided to go with 1st Providers Choice and made the transition to utilizing IMS for Podiatry."

Christine Woodson
Office Manager
Sedona Foot & Ankle Specialists

"Choosing 1st Providers Choice as a business partner has been and excellent choice for our office. We received extensive training from the educational team and find the program to be very user friendly. Scheduling is easy and our billing process has been greatly expedited. The EHR part of the program is easy to work, saves time and helps prevent errors. We have successfully implemented the build-in fax and camera features. 1st Providers Choice is a progressive company that keeps up-to-date on laws and changes and offers excellent support. Thanks, 1st providers Choice, for helping our office run more efficiently. We really like this program."

Dr. Long and Staff
Walla Walla, WA

"My bad-debt write-offs have been reduced over 90%. Pre-IMS, we had an average of $80,000 per month outstanding in charges waiting for referral. Since implementation of IMS we now regularly maintain no more than $400 per month. The Authorization tracking screen helps us in timely follow-up with the insurance companies. The billing module is great, in a way we now know what ensures timely payments. The aging reports help our billers set priority of follow-ups, making sure we work in the right areas."

Julie Ziehm
Billing Manager
Mid Michigan Cardiology Associates

"Reduce the High Costs of Delivering Quality Care" - "Our monthly IT expenses were reduced over 87% after implementing IMS - a huge savings for our company"

Rashmi Chauhan
IT Director

"I just wanted to say that I love IMS!!! We've had other programs in the past but IMS is super!!!! I can bill out charges, enter patient demographics, print patient statements and read the patient ledger much easier. My favorite part of IMS is the billing part. It is so easy to read!!!! Makes my job easier!!!! Thank You!!!"

Dahl Chiropractic Clinics

"IMS has improved the billing payment turnaround time. The denied claims have been reduced drastically. The implementation process was smooth and the system is very user friendly."

Dr Daftray's office

"I have been using EMR since 2003 but when I was really looking to go paperless I chose the software program called IMS, because of the different feature they included to get a physician closer to that goal. Because I was familiar with EMR I knew exactly what I wanted and they worked with me to customize the software with templates specific to pediatrics. One of my preferred features is the interface with the state immunization registry followed by the document management as a close second. I also like the different reports we can easily pull. The support staff is pretty attentive to our concerns and they continue to improve on all the different aspects of the software. If you really want to go paperless and be compliant with the different guidelines IMS is the one for you."

Dr. Regine Bataille
Boynton Beach, Florida

"Overall I think that IMS is an excellent software package that has been getting better over the two years that we have been using it. It has allowed our office to significantly improve its efficiency and allowed us to properly document our patient encounters and follow-up. Keep up the good work!"

Prashant N. Pandya, MD

"I am a solo internist practicing in Maryland and my office started using IMS in November, 2007. After initial investment of time and energy, my office has started to enjoy the fruits of our work. IMS has provided the structure and organization needed for efficient practice of internal medicine. It has streamlined my office operation from reception, to visit notes, to billing and collection. The charts are better organized and access to test reports is immediate. It has clearly reduced the labor needed for filing (the equivalent of a part-time position in my office). It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have completed most of my tasks at the end of each day. My patients seem more satisfied with the timely communication of test results and prompt refilling of their medications using the system. In addition we are provided with wonderful technical support for the installation and maintenance of the system in my office.IMS has enabled me to improve the delivery of care and to run my office better."

Dr. Harry Li,
Internal Medicine, Columbia, MD

"Attain and Maintain Profitability. Our cash flow has increased by an average of 25% every month. Our A/R is easier to manage with the simple but powerful billing module in IMS which allows us to follow up, re-bill, and re-print claims with a click. Using IMS - we have been more successful than ever before."

Steven Gest, M.D.
Emeryville Occupational Medical Center

"We've been using IMS for Pediatric for about six months and have gone from paper to paperless. Our efficiency has gone up 110%, our wait times for patients are cut in half and we're able to see more patients with the same amount of staff increasing our bottom line."

Dr. Stephanie Walton
Walton Pediatrics

"The only EMU that is specially designed for Allergists which Guarantees 100% Stimulus Incentives!"

Dr. Lenoir, M.D., Allergist
Comprehensive Allergy & Bay Area Pediatrics

"The on-site training that we received was great! The trainers were very patient and helpful."

Asthma & Allergy Sinus Center for Tuscaloosa

"We chose IMS and only after a few months of using it, we were convinced that it is the best EHR system on the market. It is a true integrated solution for our practice that has allowed us to become more efficient without the headaches of interfaces."

Jeff McGee
Allergy & Asthma Center

"It was extremely important to the organization to select an integrated system that had the flexibility and functionality to address the unique needs of a community health center. In an ever-changing health care environment, IMS has exceeded our expectations and has provided us with unparalleled services & support. We are confident that we will not only meet the immediate meaningful use standards, but will also achieve all compliance requirements moving forward."

Pat Willis,
CNO, and EMR Project Manager for BSHC

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