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IMS provides complete solutions to meet your needs, including advanced technology and hardware options.
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IMS EMR Tablet PCs

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We know that physicians have demanding workloads and are often "on the go." IMS includes hardware, software and services that are designed to improve workflow and help you and your staff improve productivity and efficiency.

EMR On Your Tablet For Doctors On-the-Go

One of the hardware solutions provided by IMS is a complete line of support services and equipment, including useful tablet PCs. Tablets are designed for doctors to be able to view their schedules and other data on-the-go, whether they are in an exam room with a patient or anywhere else that is away from their computer.

Tablet PCs give doctors the luxury of having information readily available whenever they need it. It allows physicians and specialists to provide better quality care for their patients by being better informed more quickly.

Features of Tablet PCs

  • Wireless
  • Lightweight
  • Instant access to information

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