Occupational Therapy EHR IMS for Occupational Therapists

EMR Software that increases efficiency, improves office workflow, and is easy-to-use.
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Occupational Therapy EHR

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Quality patient care depends on an efficient office. Our Intelligent Management Software, designed with occupational therapist input, is a market leader in providing management solutions and improved office efficiency that result in better care for patients and higher savings for your business. Our electronic health records (EHR) IMS will help you:

  • Improve your office workflow
  • Increase the speed of document management
  • Reduce health records input errors
  • Create a paperless office and reduce clutter
  • And so much more!

Occupational Therapy EHR Software Features

Faster, More Useful Reports

IMS for occupational therapists includes over 400 reports. It also allows occupational therapists and their staff to create custom reports using any parameters your office requires. Frequently used reports can be saved in a "My Favorites" section for quick and easy access.

Patient Auto Check-In

Free up employee time to focus on patient care and service. With the auto check-in features, patients can verify and update their own demographic data, complete office forms electronically, and specify any of their health problems/complaints prior to seeing the doctor.

Bar-coded ID Cards

Using bar codes on a patient's ID card will allow you to improve the speed of data entry and dramatically reduce time-consuming data errors.

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Quickly Generate Letters and Forms

Generate letters and forms both quickly and easily using customizable input fields that auto-populate patient details and other information.

  • Extensive mail-merge capabilities
  • Pre-defined letter templates
  • Procedure and insurance specific, image-based forms
  • Easy to use form filling tools
  • Mapping of data fields within letters and forms
  • Password protected signature security

Task Management and Reminders

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Our IMS has built-in modules that allow you to easily manage tasks, providing reminders and allowing inter-office communication. Tasks can be assigned to specific individuals, and the modules are fully integrated with all of the software so that you can control what reminders are automatically sent to you.

Occupational Therapy Practice Management

Our customers choose our occupational therapy EMR software over other systems because of its reputation for seamless integration with office management systems. There is no better software for individuals in the occupational therapy industry built and designed directly with occupational therapists and their staff. Our EMR software smoothly integrates with important office tasks like billing, scheduling, electronic health records, and more.

Our billing module helps keep your office billing on track through easier data entry, stronger validations, automatic reconciliation (ERA), enhanced collections, and extensive reports that help keep your finances on track.

Occupational Therapy Appointment Scheduler

Our occupational therapy appointment scheduling software is designed to conform to the unique needs of your office - not the other way around. The scheduling module integrates with the array of IMS modules, allowing users easier access to account balances, co-payments, patient demographics, visit notations, alerts, reminders and more.

Enjoy the Benefits of Going Paperless

The days of working with paper files are over. Remove your metal cabinets and clear up the table space reserved for filing tasks. IMS for occupational therapists allows uswers to securely enter, store, retrieve and manage patient files in an electronic format. By using the software, your files will be more secure than ever, as only authorized users will have access and logs will record details about files that have been accessed.

Testimonials emr software

"Attain and Maintain Profitability. Our cash flow has increased by an average of 25% every month. Our A/R is easier to manage with the simple but powerful billing module in IMS which allows us to follow up, re-bill, and re-print claims with a click. Using IMS - we have been more successful than ever before."

Steven Gest, M.D.,
Emeryville Occupational Medical Center, Emeryville, CA
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