EMR Notes, Alerts & Reminders

IMS EMR software improves productivity and is easy-to-use. It helps providers deliver better patient care.
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Notes, Alerts & Reminders

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IMS is built to improve practice productivity and help healthcare professionals maximize the management of practice resources. We know how demanding the job can be. That's why IMS has fully-integrated modules that remind, alert and instruct doctors and staff about important tasks and crucial follow-up care.


Doctors can pair their notes with visual documentation. Using easy-to-use built-in drawing tools, you can circle, check and add handwritten notes. Access a variety of built-in charts or scan in your own.

Notes can be entered in several different ways so that doctors do not have to change there preferred method.

  • Templates
  • Speech Recognition Software
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Free Text
  • Transcription

Practice Management Alerts & Reminders

IMS can be customized to send alerts to doctors and staff. Reminders alert healthcare staff of crucial tasks that should be resolved before a patient sees the doctor. The software can also send reminders as staff members call patients who require follow-up visits.

There is a high level of customization available so that you can create reminders for any tasks required by your specialty. Factors include procedures that need to be performed, patient's diagnosis, previous encounters within a certain timeframe, patient's medications, lab tests, diagnostic tests, specific patient medications, patient gender, patient age, and more.

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