CMS 1500, UB-04s and Work Comp Forms

IMS is built to provide powerful and flexible features for claims handling, improving practice productivity.
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CMS 1500, UB-04s and Work Comp Forms

IMS is designed to automate much of the capturing, verification and routing of medical claims so that it is faster, easier and much more efficient.

Built for Physicians and Hospitals

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IMS comes delivered ready to handle professional claim forms (CMS 1500) that are used by non-institutional individual medical providers and suppliers. It also manages institutional claim forms (UB04) used by hospitals and other institutional providers. Whether you operate your own medical practice or run a hospital or multi-specialty clinic, IMS will streamline the claims handling process.

Workers' Compensation Forms Made Easy

IMS provides user-friendly, detailed forms to quickly capture Workers' Compensation and personal injury-related information, with the capability of storing extensive data about cases.

  • Includes features for employer and third party insurance billing
  • Built-in letters allow for easy letter generation and report creation
  • Allows direct, automated faxing to specified individuals like an attorney, claim adjuster, nurse or employer

ICD-10 Ready Practice Management Software

Starting on October 1, 2014, all HIPAA-covered healthcare entities will be required to use ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure codes for billing purposes. IMS is ICD-10 ready. Our EHR & Practice Management solutions are fully equipped to meet ICD-10 standards - and we are currently working with healthcare organizations to test that the software can accurately process claims. As part of this process, we test eligibility verification, quality reporting, and other transactions that use ICD-10.

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