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Cardiologists choose our top-rated electronic medical record software for its powerful features and ease of use.
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Cardiology EMR - Electronic Medical Records

Cardiologists provide comprehensive risk assessment and medical treatment - and they require tools that allow them to provide accurate and efficient care.

IMS provides a Cardiology EHR and Practice Management solution designed specifically for cardiologists and their unique needs. We also provide focused customer support, software training, EHR implementation and setup, and technical support.

EHR Features


Our software provides a prescription/e-prescribe module that allows you to manage medication tracking and refill histories. The safety and health of your patients is improved through the module's drug education integration and checks on dosing, allergy and drug interactions.

Lab Tracking

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IMS for Cardiologists helps transfer diagnostic/lab orders electronically. Customized templates, pre-printed order forms, and the ability to print or fax orders make work easier and more efficient. Our software supports HL7 interfaces.

  • Easily track diagnostic/lab orders
  • Send and receive diagnostic and lab orders electronically
  • Conduct pre-import checks
  • View comparative and graphical representations of lab data

Cardiology EMR & Practice Management Reports

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IMS for Cardiologists includes over 400 reports that provide summaries, analytical assessments, comparative data and graphical reports. With our reports, you can:

  • Define frequently used reports and add them to ‘My Favorites’
  • Create customized reports using any parameters your office requires

Authorization and Referral Tracking

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Reduce rejections of claims through missing authorizations. Authorization verification is available for check-in and posting of charges to help improve reimbursements from insurance companies.

  • Set authorization requirements by procedure and insurance
  • Use pre-defined authorization forms that are insurance-approved
  • Improve insurance reimbursements

Patient Auto Check-In Kiosk

Allow patients to check in on their own, freeing up a considerable amount of employee time and providing faster service to your patients. From the auto check-in kiosk, patients are able to:

  • Verify and update their demographic data
  • Complete office forms electronically
  • Specify their health complaints and medical histories

Cardiology Billing Software

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Keep your Cardiology billing on track with easier data entry, strong validations, automatic reconciliation (ERA), enhanced collections and extensive reports keep finance on track. It takes care of the total receivables from patient visits and covers entire flow from Super Bill to Collections.

  • Extensive Fee schedule
  • Pre-claim analysis ensures important validations for required insurance information
  • Pre-check EMC, HCFA or UB92 claims
  • Rejection Analysis
  • Comprehensive reports

Cardiology Document & Image Management

Easily organize your documents and images into a secure user-friendly digital filing cabinet.

  • Customize file folders
  • Scan documents quickly in a batch
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Fax Management module
  • Quickly create, find and retrieve patient documents

IVR "Interactive Voice Response" Services
(Automatic Patient Reminders)

Reduce missed appointments. Call your patients through an automated reminder system. This feature is sure to save money and wasted time caused by no-shows. Reduce liability by ensuring that all patients receive the regulation-required reminders. Our IVR service will call the patient to confirm appointments. Learn more.

Bar-Coded Patient ID Cards

Create a bar-coded ID card for each of your patients to improve accuracy and speed.

  • Reduce data entry and improve reliability
  • Save time and manage high patient flow by making the check-in process faster
  • Free up staff to complete more important tasks
ID Scanner

Cardiology EHR Software Benefits

1. Improve efficiency. Significantly reduce the probability of error by allowing lab and test results to be entered and updated quickly and easily. Our software helps prevent common issues with illegible and unreadable text.

2. Provide better care. EMR Auto-Reminder keeps cardiologists informed of up-coming preventive care for patients. Doctors can easily review a patient´s visitation history and the software can be used to track follow-up appointments, patient compliance, and patient progress.

3. Ensure patient data is secure. IMS EMR can only be accessed by authorized users and logs the access and usage of an electronic medical record. Unauthorized access is also prevented by implementing auto-log-off after a specific period of inactivity.

Get better reimbursement. IMS EMR helps doctors evaluate and manage (E/M) accurate documentation to provide the code of the highest charge. Physicians can easily and accurately document their work using pre-populated global templates and pre-populated normal values.

Reduce costs and trim waste. Clear up space occupied by the storage and management of paper records. Reallocate employee time dedicated to pulling charts. Reduce or even eliminate transcription costs. Using an EMR may reduce malpractice insurance because of the improved documentation, audit trails, and accuracy.

Cardiology Appointment Scheduling Software

Cardiology EMR SchedulerWe offer one of the most customizable and full-featured appointment schedulers on the market. You and your staff will be able to improve efficiency and better manage the workflow of the office.

Our software adapts to your needs.The IMS Scheduler allows for easy configuration to mimic and enhance existing workflow. You will not have to change your office procedures based around the needs of the software; it works the other way around.

Effectively manage resources for more than one office. View schedules for all offices on a single screen. Increases work-flow and gives clear information on the availability of resources.

Reserve time slots for specific cardiologic procedures. Optimize complex procedures with great efficiency and consideration for individual provider procedural preferences.

Access your schedules on a portable device. Export schedules to Windows-CE-based handhelds.

Healthcare Portal / Auto Registration
IMS Healthcare Portal

The Healthcare Portal allows patients access to a personal healthcare homepage where they can view and update most information related to their current health record. It also allows patients to pre-register for doctor visits via a secure Internet interface. Using our online healthcare portal, patients can:

  • View lab results
  • Access current health records
  • View and update appointments
  • Get prescriptions refilled
  • Receive and reply to feedback from their doctors

Testimonials emr software

"My bad-debt write-offs have been reduced over 90%. Pre-IMS, we had an average of $80,000 per month outstanding in charges waiting for referral. Since implementation of IMS we now regularly maintain no more than $400 per month. The Authorization tracking screen helps us in timely follow-up with the insurance companies. The billing module is great, in a way we now know what ensures timely payments. The aging reports help our billers set priority of follow-ups, making sure we work in the right areas."

Julie Ziehm
Billing Manager Mid Michigan
Cardiology Associates
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