EMR Medical Scanners

IMS will connect you with authorized hardware support partners to make sure you have hardware that best serves your needs.
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IMS EMR Scanners

IMS EMR software is compatible with an array of common hardware like printers, fax machines and scanners. As part of your IMS software purchase, we can help set you up with hardware that works best with your practice management software and that meets the needs of your office.

Through our Authorized Partners, we can help you get the hardware you need, tailored to the size of your practice and your hardware budget. Our authorized partner will be a local expert technician who will work closely with you to understand your current and future needs.

High Quality Scanner Hardware for EMR Software

One of the most common hardware requirements of healthcare clinics is finding high-quality scanners to make copies or scan paper documents into the EMR. IMS is compatible with an array of different scanner types, and our support technicians can help you choose which ones best match the needs of your practice.

EMR Patient ID Scanner

As part of IMS, you can register your patients using an EMR patient car-coded ID scanner. The bar-coded ID can be used to check patients in and out, schedule their appointments, and generate relevant reports. The improved office efficiency leads to better patient satisfaction and an increase in office productivity.

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