IMS EMR Remote Backup Service

EMR software that provides security against data loss and adds protection to your important data.
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EMR Remote Backup Service

Healthcare practices have an important responsibility to protect and maintain patient health records and other data. That's why IMS includes backup services - so that your files are not just recorded on a single computer that may one day experience data loss or corruption. As part of our remote backup services, we help ensure that your office's crucial data is safely stored and not vulnerable to common data loss risks.

Protect Your Patient Data

Most healthcare clinics are not adequately securing their patient's important health records and crucial office files. For most businesses, data loss is something that is bound to happen sooner or later. With IMS, you can protect yourself by having a backup system in place so that you can recover files that are missing or damaged.

Common Causes of Data Loss

  • Fires and flooding can destroy paper documents, as well as computers and servers that store your databases and files.
  • Technical malfunctions can cause data to become lost or corrupted. This includes hard drive failures, software malfunctions, malicious computer viruses, file corruption, and more.
  • Illegal tampering from a disgruntled employee or unauthorized user can result in data being modified or deleted.

IMS' Off-Site Backup Service

We provide an online backup service that automatically backs up your important data files. Our remote backup service saves your clinic from having to spend a lot of time performing manual backups, and it adds more security since it is off-site.

  • Automatically save your data on secure, off-site servers every day
  • No time-consuming manual data back-ups
  • Secures against theft, malicious intent, natural disasters, technical failures
  • Includes high-levels of encryption for maximum security

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