Electronic Verification Insurance Benefits

Make insurance benefit and referral verification easier - and save time with automatic electronic verification.
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Electronic Verification Insurance Benefits

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IMS is designed to streamline and automate much of the billing, authorization and referral processes. We know that in order to bill a patient, healthcare professionals need an efficient system to obtain proper authorizations and referral information. IMS tracks every patient encounter and checks to make sure it is pre-validated. Un-billable encounters are avoided.

An integrated reminder notifies your front office staff to check and verify authorizations before a patient is seen by a doctor. An online healthcare portal also reminds patients to obtain all necessary authorization or referral information before coming in for a visit. IMS also has automatic fax and letter writing features that make it easy to send standard faxes to insurance companies for authorizations.

Authorization verification is provided at check-in and before posting charges so that you and your staff can ensure insurance reimbursements. IMS includes customization options that let you set authorization requirements by procedure and insurance. Plus, healthcare providers can also be auto-reminded to request authorizations and referrals after entering specific CPTs during an exam.

ICD-10 Ready Electronic Insurance Verification Software

Starting on October 1, 2014, all HIPAA-covered healthcare entities will be required to use ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure codes for billing purposes. IMS is ICD-10 ready. Our EHR & Practice Management solutions are fully equipped to meet ICD-10 standards - and we are currently working with healthcare organizations to test that the software can accurately process claims. As part of this process, we test eligibility verification, quality reporting, and other transactions that use ICD-10.