Pulmonology Electronic Medical Records IMS for Pulmonologists & Pulmonary Specialists

Leading pulmonologist EMR software with an Intuitive Interface and integrated office management modules.
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Pulmonology EHR Software

Our intelligent management system (IMS) is designed to provide workflow and data solutions to pulmonologists. You'll see that every module of the IMS is built to make the work of a pulmonology office run faster, smoother, and more accurately. We've designed the modules with ready-to-use templates, pre-populated billing codes, pre-printed letters and more. We also recognize that every practice has different requirements, so we built the software to be highly customizable and flexible.

The IMS includes scheduling modules, electronic medical record (EMR) management, medical billing, document management, letter management and so much more. It is truly much more than an electronic health records system. It is an electric medical office that will help you dramatically improve accuracy, efficiency and ease so that you and your staff can focus on important matters like your patients' healthcare.

We offer installation and customization assistance, training services for doctors and staff, and ongoing technical support by expert technicians. Call 480-782-1116 today to learn more.

Pulmonology EMR

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The IMS is a proven electronic medical records manager that meets the latest industry standards. It was built in collaboration with practicing pulmonology specialists. We've come to be trusted as reliable partners because of the amazing features and flexibility of our software.

Practice Management for Pulmonologists

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Our pulmonology software is the industry leader for pulmonologists because of its thoughtful integration with essential office management modules. No other software is specifically designed for pulmonologists with pre-populated templates, forms and other commonly used office documents. Integrating billing, scheduling, electronic medical records and other practice management features into one system greatly improves efficiency and accuracy.

Pulmonology Medical Billing

The IMS billing module will greatly improve the billing process of your practice. It offers automated data entry from EMR-generated superbills and uses strong validations to prevent missing authorizations and coding errors.

  • Offers customizable templates for easy, accurate billing
  • Pre-claim analysis reduces claim rejections and improves cash flow
  • Displays batch status summaries
  • Allows different actions to be performed from the same screen

Pulmonology Scheduling Software

The scheduling module makes scheduling easier and can help you claim more money by preventing unbillable visits. By making it quick and easy to view authorization and referral status at any point in time, pulmonologists can verify important appointment information before an appointment takes place.

  • Decrease no-shows with automated patient reminder phone calls
  • Export schedules to portable devices
  • Reschedule easily with drag-and-drop functionality
  • View authorization and referral status at any time

Empower Your Patients

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Using our healthcare portal, you can improve patient satisfaction by providing certain information to them online. Patients with access to the patient portal can:

  • Request and/or view appointments
  • Complete registration forms on their own time
  • Complete symptom assessments
  • Request prescription renewals
  • View medication history and research medications
  • Pay their bills online
  • Manage referrals