OB/Gyn Electronic Health Records IMS for Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Powerful EHR software designed for Obstetrics and Gynecology, with an easy-to-use interface.
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Obstetrics & Gynecology EHR Software

IMS for obstetricians and gynecologists provides total document and office management solutions for busy OB/Gyn practices. Our electronic medical record software is a leading EMR IMS, chosen for its ease-of-use, full integration with management systems, and unique features tailored specifically to the obstetrics and gynecology fields.

IMS is CCHIT 2008 Certified to ensure that the EMR meets the latest industry standards. It is also built to allow extensive customization options so that you do not have to change existing office protocols. The software can work around your current practices.

Why Choose Our Leading EMR Software?

Improve Practice Efficiency

The amount of time and effort that goes into retrieving, sharing, filing and entering data can be drastically simplified with a fully integrated EMR system. Secure data sharing between various modules allows you and your staff to access, share, and input data quickly, easily and more accurately. With electronic medical records, redundant data entry is also greatly reduced, as are spelling and documentation errors.

Keep Patient Files Secure

Our EMR IMS protects files from unauthorized users through several verification methods. The EMR software tracks which users access files and logs usage information. Meanwhile, auto-logoff prevents unauthorized access by logging users out of the system after some time of inactivity.

OB/GYN EHR Software Features

Lab Tracking

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IMS for obstetricians and gynecologists can electronically transfer diagnostics & lab orders. Lab tracking is made easier through customized test templates, pre-printed order forms, and the ability to print or fax orders. The IMS also does pre-import checks.

OB/Gyn Prescriptions

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Our flexible and comprehensive prescription/e-prescribe module easily tracks medication and refill histories. It can help you provide better, safer care for your patients.

  • Drug education integration
  • Dosing, allergy and drug interactions
  • Contraindication checks

Authorization/Referral Tracking

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IMS helps ensure insurance reimbursements and prevent un-billable encounters through authorization verification and charge posting. You can set authorization requirements by procedure and insurance. Plus, IMS comes with built-in, insurance-approved authorization forms.

Auto Check-In Kiosk

Save staff time and improve patient satisfaction by allowing patients to check-in on their own. With the auto check-in kiosk, patients can view and update their own demographic data, complete office forms electronically, and indicate particular health complaints, helping obstetricians and gynecologists be informed on their patient's conditions before their appointments.

Bar-Coded ID Cards

Use bar-coded ID cards your OB/Gyn practice to improve the accuracy and speed of patient registration.

ID Scanner

Comprehensive OB/Gyn Reports

IMS for OB/Gyn includes over 400 reports, from general summaries and graphical representations to detailed analytics. Built-in reports make it easier to understand practice finances and office metrics. A simple "My Favorites" feature allows you to define frequently-used reports for easy access. You can also create your own custom reports using any parameters your practice requires.

Task Reminders for Doctors and Staff

IMS is focused on improving the communications and overall workflow of your clinic. The "My Tasks" feature clearly defines tasks, improving inter-office communication. An extensive "Reminder" feature allows tasks to be assigned to designated staff.

OB/Gyn Document & Image Management

Easily condense and organize paper flow into a user-friendly digital document filing cabinet that’s both secure and easy to access.

  • Customize file folders to organize documents
  • Batch-scan documents to save time
  • Work seamlessly with the Fax Management module
  • Easily compile and retrieve patient documents/images

Practice Management Software for OB/Gyn Clinics

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Our fully integrated EMR system works with full-featured scheduling software, billing, eligibility tracking, document management, a letter module, an online patient EMR portal and additional systems that will turn your whole practice into an electronic medical office.

With over 200 employees and over ten years of experience providing software solutions, our IMS is ready to meet your needs. We believe you'll agree that this fully-integrated EMR IMS is best suited for your practice. OB/Gyn doctors have come to trust our IMS because of its powerful, customizable features and our fantastic support services.

OB/Gyn Patient Scheduling Software

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One of the most versatile, full-featured, and customizable appointment schedulers on the market. OB/Gyn staff can manage the resources of multiple offices easily and efficiently.

  • Reserve time slots for specific procedures
  • Export schedules to Windows-CE-based handhelds
  • Use built-in Interactive Voice Response (automated Patient Appointment reminders) to decrease no-shows

OB/Gyn Patient Online Healthcare Portal

Our Healthcare Portal is a completely original product designed specifically to enhance the healthcare experience for both patient and doctor. The OB/Gyn Healthcare Portal improves patient satisfaction, offers health education, and reduces time spent on data entry. By giving your patients access to a personal healthcare homepage, they can view lab results, access current health records, view/update appointments and schedules, refill prescriptions, and receive and reply to notes from their doctors - all from the comfort of their own home.

Testimonials emr software

"Reduce the High Costs of Delivering Quality Care" - "Our monthly IT expenses were reduced over 87% after implementing IMS - a huge savings for our company."

Rashmi Chauhan,
IT Director
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