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Our practice management software helps you streamline office tasks, provide better patient care, and meet required standards.
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Interactive Voice Response

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One of the many service features included in your IMS purchase is a patient appointment Interactive Voice Reminders (IVR) system that not only helps improve patient satisfaction, but also ensures that your healthcare practice is meeting state/federal requirements.

Automated or Live-Person Appointment Reminders

You have the option to have either an automated or an affordable live-person appointment/scheduling reminder service to call your patients and remind them of their upcoming doctor's appointments.

IMS' integrated Interactive Voice Reminders (IVR) helps you provide better patient service while increasing office productivity. Doctors nationwide have experienced a dramatic decrease in missed appointments after using our IVR system.

IVR Software Benefits

  • Allocate employee time for more important tasks
  • Reduce no-show appointments that waste time and money
  • Increase patient satisfaction by reminding patients of upcoming appointments
  • Let patients easily confirm or cancel appointments

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