Bariatric Surgery EMR Software IMS for Bariatric Surgery Center Professionals

Our bariatric surgery center EMR improves efficiency & helps provide better patient care

Bariatric Surgery EMR Software

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Implementing electronic health record software allows bariatric surgeons to improve efficiency and patient care; however, not all EMR systems designed to meet the needs of the bariatric surgery specialty. 1st Providers Choice's Bariatric Surgery EMR is the leading choice for providers due to the specialty-specific nature of the software, the ease of customization and advanced features.

Our Bariatric Surgery EMR software is designed to help health organizations improve patient care, boost staff productivity and increase revenue - all the while maintaining the strictest industry standards for security.

  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing files by requiring password authentication.
  • Log users out of the system after a specified period of inactivity.
  • Keep detailed access file logs - know who accessed specific files, when and what was changed.
  • Create data backups quickly and easily - we provide remote backup services.
  • Use our EMR-integrated Patient Portal to securely communicate with patients.

Practice Management Software for Bariatric Surgery

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More than just electronic health record software, we offer a comprehensive practice management system. Our Bariatric Surgery Practice Management software features modules for scheduling and billing, allowing practices to get better organized and become more efficient.

Bariatric Surgery Medical Billing

Our Bariatric Surgery billing module will instantly improve the quality of your billing operations. Your staff will submit more accurate claims, ensure that all authorizations and referrals are obtained prior to the patient's visit, and more. Benefit from features such as:

  • E/M & CPT coding assistance
  • Advanced claims scrubbing
  • Pre-validation and referral tracking
  • Automated charge capture & more!

Bariatric Surgery Scheduling Software

Our Bariatric Surgery Scheduling software integrates seamlessly with the billing and EMR systems to make scheduling and patient check-in and check-out easier than ever.

  • Get easy access to schedules for different providers and locations.
  • Check things like account balances, co-payments and more directly from the scheduler.
  • Easily update patient demographics and insurance information.
  • Receive alerts when important information is missing.
  • Reduce no-shows by sending automated appointment reminders.

Learn more about our Bariatric Surgery EMR/PM software. Call 480-782-1116 today for a free demo.

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