Patient Check-In Kiosk

With IMS, your practice can improve efficiency with better inter-office communication.
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EMR Patient Check-In Kiosk

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IMS includes a check-in/check-out feature that improves communications between physicians and front desk staff. For example, front desk staff can check on a patient's status, allowing them to manage office resources efficiently. Meanwhile, physicians know when patients arrive and where they are in the office.

The check-in/check-out module helps practices reduce liability by securely obtaining electronic signatures. Meanwhile, a built-in insurance card auto-scan feature is fully integrated with patient electronic medical records so that insurance and personal information can be recorded without error-prone manual data entry.

Practices are also able to stay up-to-date with frequently changing patient insurance information, increasing the accuracy and timeliness of collections.

Key Features of the Check-In/Check-Out Module

  • Helps increase revenue by improving the co-pay collections process
  • Obtains digital pictures improving patient safety and preventing fraud
  • Links to the billing module to make sure encounters are not overlooked
  • Allows doctors to communicate important tasks that should take place before a patient leaves
  • Intermittent updates of the patient's appointment status relays waiting time and patient location in the office
  • Patient tracking from check-in to check-out provides assurance that all required procedural documents, insurances, billing, payments, visit notes, prescriptions, letters, and follow-up appointment scheduling are complete
  • Mufti-office functionality allows viewing and monitoring of all offices from a central location

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