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Our neurosurgery center EMR improves efficiency & helps provide better patient care

Neurosurgery EMR Software

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Neurosurgeons provide specialized medical treatment - and they require tools that allow them to deliver accurate and efficient care, both in and out of the operating room. Our Neurosurgery EMR software is designed to do just that. It is a comprehensive electronic medical records, billing and scheduling solution developed specifically for neurosurgery facilities. Streamline workflow, reduce expenses and improve patient care from day one.

Neurosurgery Electronic Health Records

Our Neurosurgery EMR software includes all of the tools and features that neurosurgeons need in order to accurately document patient encounters - from pre-operative visits to surgery to post-op and subsequent follow-ups. Data entry is quick and easy when using one of the many built-in charting templates, the EMR software’s automatic forms filler or our highly accurate voice dictation software. Integration with our Practice Management software further improves workflow, charge capture, billing and more.

Practice Management Software for Neurosurgery

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Our EMR-integrated Neurosurgery Practice Management software is the leading choice for providers nationwide. No other system is specifically designed with neurosurgery requirements in mind. See why our billing and scheduling systems will help you improve cashflow, reduce missed appointments and much more:

Neurosurgery Medical Billing Benefits

  • Save time by getting EMR-generated superbills.
  • Check for missing authorizations and referrals ahead of time.
  • Prevent coding errors with E&M coding assistance.
  • Batch billing and EOB to save time and resources.
  • Run pre-claim analyses to reduce denied claims.

Neurosurgery Scheduling Software Benefits

  • Manage schedules from one screen for multiple providers.
  • Color-code appointments by type of visit, procedure, etc.
  • Schedule appointments directly from the patient's chart.
  • View the scheduler from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Send automated appointment reminders to reduce no-show appointments.

Neurosurgery Healthcare Portal

A patient portal is an integral component to any patient engagement strategy. It can help providers instantly improve communication with patients, which has a direct impact on treatment outcomes and overall patient health. It is also necessary for those interested in attesting to Meaningful Use. Our Healthcare Portal works seamlessly with the Neurosurgery EMR software and can be used by patients to:

  • View clinical summaries
  • Request prescription refills
  • Schedule appointments
  • Pay medical bills to your office
  • Access patient education resources
  • And much more!

To find out how your practice can benefit from our Neurosurgery EMR software, call 480-782-1116 today!

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