IMS Follow-Up Reminders

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Health Follow-Up Reminders

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We know that healthcare practices are busy places that place a lot of demand on doctors and staff. That's why our practice management software has a built-in reminders system that is fully integrated with important modules like scheduling, billing, E-prescribe and more.

IMS has a flexible health maintenance reminder system and an intuitive interface that is easy to learn. IMS reminders help doctors and staff follow-up on crucial patient care items, like making sure patients receive appropriate tests, immunizations, exams, screenings, and education materials.

The IMS reminders module can notify staff of important tasks that must be completed before a patient sees their doctor. It can also send patient reminders, like calling patients who require follow-up visits.

There is a high level of customization available, so you can create reminders for any tasks required by your specialty. Factors included may be procedures that need to be performed, patient's diagnosis, previous encounters within a certain timeframe, patient's medications, lab tests, diagnostic tests, specific patient medications, patient gender, patient age, and more.

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