iPad Compatible Electronic Health Records

Our EMR practice management software is iPad optimized so that doctors and other healthcare professionals can provide better care on-the-go.

Electronic Health Records on the iPad

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We know that health professionals work under demanding schedules and time contraints, so we have designed electronic health record and practice management software that does more than simply keep up. It helps physicians manage daily workflow to get things done faster.

Using our iPad-compatible EHR PMS software, doctors and staff can access patient medical records on-the-go. They will find all the information theyneed - from patient records to billing information - without being tied down to a desk or computer. Our software greatly improves overall workflow and efficiency.

With built-in iPad compatibility, doctors can also view their schedules from anywhere as long as their iPad has access to the Internet.

iPad EMR Features

To access electronic medical records, doctors and staff must enter secure login details. All data that is accessible to the iPad is hosted on a secure server, and all transactions are encrypted and fully secure. Once logged in, authorized users can view and update patients' medical records. The interface is simple to understand and easy to navigate. Users can also access other important practice management software features including doctor schedules, billing information, medication information, and more.

EMR iPad access includes:

  • Secure login functionality
  • Records stored on a secure server
  • All transactions utilize advanced encryption
  • A clear, simple interface

Full IT Support and Services

Our EMR PMS software includes full access to our excellent support services. We offer support for installation & setup of your practice management software, and we can train you and your staff to customize the software to meet the unique needs of your medical practice.

IMS includes excellent technical support services from certified, trained technicians. We can assign a single, local IT expert to work closely with your practice to understand your needs and customize your software as the need arises.

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