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Ophthalmology electronic medical record software Increases Productivity, enhances patient eye care, & satisfaction.
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Ophthalmology Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software

emr softwareWe know that your ophthalmology practice is a busy place. That's why we've built a software system that is flexible enough to adapt to your unique needs. Our electronic medical record software is built with easy-to-configure settings that allow you to improve existing workflow without having to redesign your office procedures. It's an intelligent management system (IMS) that works around you.

Our EMR software helps ophthalmologists provide better patient care by putting safeguards into effect that minimize end-user error. Data entry is faster and more accurate - and staff have more time to focus on patient needs. Using our software, you can easily develop procedure-specific data entry prompts, alerts, patient-specific instructions and other customizations.

The EMR IMS software comes to your clinic complete with ophthalmology specific features. It is delivered ready-to-use with pre-made templates, ophthalmology billing codes, and pre-printed forms and letters.

Ophthalmology Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

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Our EHR software is fully integrated and configured to meet your ophthalmology practice’s unique needs. We offer comprehensive installation services, training, and tech support.

Providers trust our EHR IMS because of the extensive features and professional support that we provide. With IMS EHR module, ophthalmologists can choose the note-taking method that works best for them, whether it be from templates, dictation, transcription, or handwriting. Our EHR meets the latest industry standards and certifications.

Form Filler

One of the primary goals of the EHR IMS system is to significantly reduce the amount of time that ophthalmology staff spends on entering information. Much of the information required for forms is redundant and spending time filling out the same information greatly reduces office efficiency and staff time. Forms also put use up a lot of office resources like paper and printer ink. With this in mind, we have designed IMS Form Filler to pre-populate all necessary patient information on frequently used forms so you and your patients don't have to spend time and energy re-entering information that is already available.

Fax Management

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Sending and receiving faxes can be made much more efficient and much less expensive with our fax management module. You can have received faxes entered directly into an electronic record, completely eliminating the need to print them out, saving paper, ink, space and time.

  • incorporation of stamp and signatures on outgoing faxes
  • Send/receive electronic faxes
  • Fax EMR, Rx, lab orders, documents or letters in seconds
  • Save money on stationery and toner cartridges
  • Includes receipt notification

Ophthalmology Practice Management Systems

Our ophthalmology management software is the industry leader for eye doctors because of its thoughtful integration with essential office management modules. No other software is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of ophthalmology with pre-populated templates, forms and other commonly used office documents. Integrating billing, scheduling, electronic medical records and other practice management features into one system greatly improves efficiency and accuracy.

Ophthalmology Billing Management Software

IMS’s integrated billing module will make your ophthalmology billing tasks much easier, without requiring your staff to drastically change current billing procedures. The billing software offers automated data entry from Super Bills, strong validations, pre-checking of EMC, CMS-1500 or UB04 claims, automatic reconciliation (ERA), enhanced collections and extensive reports that keep finances on track.

  • Offers detailed user-friendly billing.
  • Has an extensive fee schedule.
  • Offers customizable templates for fast, accurate billing.
  • Post all electronic Super Bills with a single click.
  • Conducts pre-claim analysis to reduce claim rejections.

Ophthalmology Appointment Scheduling Software

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The ophthalmology appointment scheduling module is a full-featured, robust, customizable scheduler that is easy to use. The scheduler is fully integrated with other office modules which will allow you and authorized staff to quickly access account balances, co-payments, patient demographics, alerts, reminders and more.

Ophthalmology Healthcare Portal

Increase patient satisfaction by giving your patients access to our online Healthcare Portal. It allows patients to update their demographic and insurance information, view and edit their health records, request prescription refills, pay their medical bills, and more. The portal also reduces time that staff members spend on tasks that patients would often rather do on their own time.

Testimonials emr software

"Reduce the High Costs of Delivering Quality Care" - "Our monthly IT expenses were reduced over 87% after implementing IMS - a huge savings for our company."

Rashmi Chauhan,
IT Director
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