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IMS goes beyond normal practice management solutions. It is fully-integrated, customizable and designed with an intuitive interface.
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EMR with Fax Management In & Out

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Imagine how helpful it would be if you could take anything on your screen and fax it out to anyone, including insurance carriers, referring providers and attorneys - without ever having to print! With IMS, you can do just that.

  • Quickly send & receive valid electronic faxes
  • Fax EMR, Rx, lab orders, documents or letters in seconds
  • Save money on paper supplies and ink
  • Maintain better patient records
  • Better utilize office space by reducing the need for physical filing cabinets

Why Choose Our Fax Management Software?

Since all of your patient data is stored in one convenient place, you can go to the electronic health record (EHR) and select the patients forms, documents, and visit notes you want and then fax or email them right from the screen.

Faxes can also flow directly back into the EHR and Practice Management software upon receipt. When the fax comes in, it is automatically assigned to the patient in the appropriate section within their electronic health chart. You can even set faxes to be forwarded into the provider's inbox for further action. This is a great way to manage faxes and all of the other activities that go along with them - all from one convenient place.

We know that your healthcare practice is a busy place that handles a large amount of document management every day. That's why IMS EMR is designed to improve practice productivity through a powerful, seamlessly integrated practice management system. Electronic medical records are easily accessed and can be set up to have various modules automatically insert records into folders.

Not only are faxes automatically saved, the software can also be set to automatically send specified forms/reports to defined contacts, like prescription documents to a patient's preferred pharmacy.

The IMS Fax Manager is fully integrated with all of IMS' suite of modules. It has stamp and electronic signature capabilities to send outgoing faxes and receipt notifications.

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