Automated Patient Forms Filler

Reduce time spent on redundant data entry and free up staff so that they can provide excellent patient care.
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Automatic Forms Filler

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One of the goals of IMS EMR is to dramatically reduce the amount of time that you and your staff spend on office tasks like data entry. We know how important your work is and we've designed a software solution that will allow you to spend time focusing on your patients.

A large portion of a healthcare facility's staff time goes towards paperwork and filling out forms. Form-filling is a mostly redundant, inefficient process that often leads to costly data-entry and legibility errors.

Why spend time entering patient demographics when all of the necessary patient information is already stored in your patients' electronic health records? IMS Form Filler pulls data from patients' health records so that staff and patients don't have to exhaust themselves with redundant data entry.

The Form Filler module has two distinct functions to assist office staff:

  • Records patient demographic information with standard forms.
  • Acquires signatures digitally so paper is never needed for text-based forms (like the HIPAA agreement)

Increase Portability & Accessibility

Our Forms Filler module can be used with tablets and other touchscreen, handheld devices to collect signatures and information. Patients can also fill forms out online through the Healthcare Portal before they arrive for their appointments.

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